So I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet on this one. It appeared some time last week. I was busy travelling with work and wanted time to think so I pretended it wasn’t there. I’m still not sure what it’s going to be.

There’s very little in the description on this one to go on. It has a round screen and one button (from the text, “press the button”), a little like the VivoActive. It has Bluetooth.

It’s described as a transceiver, so it might not even be an activity device. I can’t think of an aviation or marine device that would be a transceiver on Bluetooth though.

It has a pretty high res or large screen. The FCC label screen shows that well.

It could be the Marq we’ve seen trademarked. It could also be some automotive thing for the dashboard.

It could be the new low end running watch we’re expecting this year.


  1. I would assume 3610 and 3650 also are something coming. Maybe LTE bike computers?

    • My guess would be car GPS there. Garmin is a tricky one to guess! The presence of an SMA connector rules out bike computer so it’ll either be car or boat devices. Boat devices are usually a different connector so I’m saying car.

  2. Looks like IPH-03521 is another watch. Seems to be a more basic one though this time. Registered as a transciever and tramission System.

    If I ever get super bored, I’m going to go back and look at the last few big watch releases and make a table of how they are all registered to see if there’s a pattern.

    • The SAR report shows quickfit bands.
      Those are not found on the basic garmin models.
      Also a fenix charger was used , that does NOT mean its a fenix. but i would assume it comes from the watch people and not the car people nor the bike people.
      the SAR report is performed for body worn devices i believe. so yes a watch and not a dog-based system.

  3. I just ran across a new iteration of the vivoactive 3… the “vivoactive 3 Mercedes-Benz Collection”… in the list of compatible devices in the ConnectIQ Store when looking at a watch face. Any chance this is that? I took a screen shot in case it disappears.

    • The mercedes variant is the same hardware as the normal VA3 just with a different colour bezel and mercedes branded watch faces

  4. Hi, any idea what this device will become to be…


    • There are rumours of a 245 and 935 at the moment so could be one of them.

      • … it’s definitely NOT the 935 😉 … but I know what you mean.

    • That’s Forerunner 245

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