I have a new watch! Again

I now have a watch from all of the “big three” manufacturers so will be testing some things out and hopefully adding some interesting new content soon. This one is looking more promising than the one I bought a couple of weeks ago in terms of functionality.


  1. Did you get a beta vantage?!

    • Yeah, after releasing their secrets ahead of time Polar came begging for me to take one for free 😉
      No, I won’t be getting trial units any time soon. I’ve not even asked, it would put me in an awkward position which I don’t want to be in. This site is free to speak openly and I want to keep it that way.
      I bought an M430 today and a Spartan Trainer the other week. I already own Garmin watches. I have to say, using the Suunto and to a lesser extent Polar has made me hate Garmin less! You’ll see why when my next post drops this week so stay tuned.

      • We´re waiting for your post, then! I hope you´ll bring us some tips about comparing these watches. Thanks for your work!

        • A fair comparison for specific use-cases is the goal so hopefully I’ll achieve that. I have no interest in telling you there are more features or better shinyness and I have no skin in the game in terms of the manufacturer agenda. I have a job that pays for the site and my various toys so this is all in the aim of helping them improve quality and depth. I’d also like to see more effort put into heling people train and improve fitness. Ironically that’s been getting worse for a while on these fitness devices in my view.

      • Maybe I’ve missed something but… Why did you buy M430?

        • A very good question! Basically I have some ideas for posts and tests so needed a Polar. The Vantage M isn’t available until November but the M430 allows me to use Polar Flow today with a very similar feature set and interface. I also bought the Suunto Spartan Trainer instead of the 9, same interface and almost the same features. For my current needs these are fine. I’ll swap them up at some point once I decide which platform is for me. It’s looking like a Fenix 5 Plus and a Vantage V right now. The Fenix with Ti metal band is good for work while the Polar will be fitness workhorse. We’ll see though, you lot give me good info so I may find a new path. Also Wahoo will be along soon to sort out the market.

        • For what it’s worth, having owned a Fenix 5 and a 935 for a while, the M430 has actually impressed me already. It’s a good platform and although out of date, blocky screen and plastic fantastic I genuinely think it’s a good training device. The Suunto Trainer is a really, really nice bit of watch hardware but it’s lacking some important stuff for training. It feels nice on though, like some old trainers but new and lovely.

  2. Do you have any idea if forerunner 935M or 945 is going to be released soon?
    I need to buy a new watch and don’t know if it worth waiting… any help will be appreciated 🙂

    • I don’t think you’d regret a 935. I have one and love it, it just works. If there were a 945 in the works it will be a Plastic Fenix 5 plus so ask yourself do you need music and maps, and would you spend another 200 bucks for them? 935 is discounted everywhere right now and the new one would be a higher base price.

      • Thank you for the detailed reply. I agree with you that 935 is great, I just would love having the same watch just with music 🙂

        What is your guess?
        When do you think Garmin are going to release the 935M or 945? Your best guess?

        Thank you, you have a great blog!

        • I’ve said it before and I’ll risk saying it again; Garmin never made a 920XT HR. It’s widely understood that the FR 9xx is in the “fitness” department while the Fenix is “outdoor”. This explains the differing timelines, but isn’t a guarantee. My feeling is that Fitness may release a 945 in January at CES, but just as likely will wait for the Fenix 6 hardware. There is no driving reason to update the 935, it’s aimed at athletes so music and mapping isn’t a priority just like optical HR wasn’t a priority for the 920 XT – real athletes wear a chest strap for accuracy. They still do (yes ladies, I know you hate them and why, and I acknowledge you are still real athletes!).
          The 935 won’t lose a huge amount of value if it’s replaced since it’s already discounted. If it were my money I’d take the risk right now given all of the variables. I’d also strongly consider a gamble on the Vantage M as it’s REALLY cheap for what you get.
          The question is, do you want it to train or because it’s a cool toy?

  3. so you are a brother of dc rainmaker already saying that the Garmin is better

    • That guy spends more time messing about with these devices than anyone. His opinion does appear biased to people who have less experience, that’s true. I agree Ray appears to love Garmin like a fat kid loves cake. Now I have more devices, I’m starting to think he’s not wrong. I don’t like it any more than you do, but what I can promise is that I’ll tell you why and how I come to my opinions and I won’t do it one device at a time.

  4. Ok i will wait for your review i always read reviews and forums do have to say that there are a lot of complains about garmin devices in therms of gps problems or software problems but i never see them with dc and now you kind of tell us that the garmin devices are superior to others
    But still waiting for the perfect suunto suunto 9 with no hr any idea

    • The GPS of Garmin is rubbish. I used to be a Garmin fan, but finally realised that my money invested on it was a big waste. Garmin focus on quantity of functions, but not the quality of them.

      • In my experience Garmin are about the same as the others for GPS. You can also see how similar they are on the hundreds of activities Ray has on DCRainmaker.com. All sports watches are a little flakey because they are a compromise to get GPS into a small device. My Garmin GPSMap 62 is considerably more accurate than any of my sports watches, but it has a huge antenna and sucks the battery dry in no time.
        I won’t be doing side by side accuracy tests on this site. I consider them a distraction and a waste of time.

        • Sorry, I dun agree with u lusty. We dunno if there may be any personal interest or not in between of some bloggers. Meanwhile, massive users are more convincing than the few bloggers. You dun need to conduct a detailed test. Just pick a sportsground(or do some track n field) and wear your watch to run as usual. As u know the accurate distance that u ran, u can easily know the results. I did that with 5 watches before. My results are(in terms of GPS accuracy): Sunnto Spartan Trainer = Polar M430 >> Garmin FR235 > Garmin 920xt >>>>> Garmin Fenix 5

          • Just out of curiosity, how many times have you run the same “known” distance with each of the 5 watches? I am interested in your data acquisition process, as well as in how the actual comparison was made.

          • it’s effectively not possible to do a proper scientific set of tests on gps accuracy with sports watches. at least it’s not possible for ANY indiivdual or any ‘blogger’. it would just take WAY WAY too long to cover all the variables. not only are the route/conditions important but so are MANY other factors such as the dilution of precision of the signal (which is dependent on satellite positions that change even during the course of a single run).

            even as someone said earlier ‘look at the forums’..yes here is a LOT of validity to that comment but only garmin have a meaningfully sized forum and then, as lusty and others say, you only tend to hear opinions on forums from people who have problems.

            look at fellrnr. his methods have flaws but what he comes up with has got to be indicative of gps accuracy.

            i’ve done repeated stuff over a long, complex courses (and published all the source fit files) and i’m pretty sure that polar and suunto can produce devices that are better than any garmin. FWIW my ‘tests’ tend to broadly agree with @fellrnr.

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