I have a new watch!

My Vantage V arrived today so I’ll be testing it out and adding a post about structured training ASAP to finish off the series and update it.

Long story short:

  • Does do structured training through diary
  • Doesn’t do ad hoc
  • Doesn’t allow starting a favourite from the watch unless scheduled through flow


  • Does have loud beeps
  • Vibration is odd, in certain positions it’s very strong while others not so much. Definitely better than Garmin for vibes though

It looks classier than a Fenix 5, but less rugged. Quality seems good, box was lovely. Out of the box it synced with my phone, auto-updated and then downloaded ALL of my settings from the M430. This is how new device setup should be, someone at Garmin should buy one 😉

It definitely feels more basic than the Fenix as the menus aren’t filled out yet. On the other hand I did notice the below almost immediately:
Yes, my new watch showed me in a really obvious way that I shouldn’t really go for a run today. It knew I did a long run yesterday because it synced. You know what the Garmin watch said having been on the same run?

And you know what? I agree with the Polar. I am quite tired.


  1. sweet! especially your thougths on oHR and GPS accuracy are interesting to me.

    i´m waiting for some reviews and a discount to get mine, not quite sure if i should get the M or V to replace my 4 year old M400.

    • With only a few hours on the watch I have to say the recovery stuff is my favourite feature of any of my devices. It’s clear and concise, and those sorts of insights are really helpful. That said, mine has been telling me I’m at risk of injury if I train more today so we’ll see what it’s like when it goes down a bit. I’m really liking the display, a lot of effort has gone into making things clear and useful. I find with the Fenix/935 that a lot of effort went into putting more stuff in there and not much into making it clear or useful! These are, of course, personal preferences. I’m certain there are people who love the Fenix display out there.

  2. Thank you. That is reassuring on structured training. When you say ad hoc, do you mean setting up a series of repeats on the watch itself? I look forward to reading your review.

    I read that when using Stryd there is no way to set the footpad as the source of speed/instant pace – the watch only takes power from Stryd. Is that right?

    • Yes, ad hoc is on the watch itself. This feature is coming I believe in the “December” firmware update. Right now though you can create and schedule on the phone and instantly sync so it’s possible but not where it needs to be. Let’s face it, while many of us don’t take a phone running, almost everyone will have their phone on them just before the run. For details on my definitions take a look at the series at this link

      I don’t have a Stryd, but the manual does state that external sensors are used over internal and I don’t see options anywhere so my assumption would be the external pods are used for all of their capability all the time. The manual isn’t all that specific though and I’ve not asked Polar for comment yet.

  3. Hi Lusty

    I have noticed that the click sound on the buttons varies alot, bottom right button actually has a really loud click (louder than the others) that irritates me, can you check if yours click differently (and to loud)

    • Thanks for this comment, mine does exactly the same and I was worried it was a fault. Everything seems to work fine though and will probably wear in. Some of my Garmin watches have had clicky buttons before which later stopped being clicky.

  4. Thanks for your first experience & view, looking forward reading more stuff on Polar Vantage V as I’m seriously considering to buy one.

  5. Hi, is it possible to lock the screen?

    • What do you mean by lock the screen? The touch doesn’t do anything in activities if that’s what you mean?

      • you sure 😉
        try and whack it and see what happens

        • That’s not related to the touch screen it uses accelerometers.

  6. I’ve just jumped over to Polar and purchased a Vantage V (I have been a long term Suunto user, Ambit 2, Ambit 3 and Spartan Ultra, not that any of that is relevant) early days yet but I’m liking what I seeing so far. I do have a couple of questions…

    1) Temperature sensor: There is no mention of a temperature sensor in the tech specs and I’ve read a couple of reviews that specifically state that there is no temperature sensor. However, I recorded a short session yesterday and when I view the session in the Flow web app, and click the gear icon for graph settings and check the “Temperature” checkbox, it does show a temperature graph. I also recorded the same session on a Suunto watch for comparison, this one does have a temperature sensor and although the numbers are slightly different (Suunto reads 2.5-3C higher) the graph produced in movescount is a very similar trace to that in Polar Flow. This leads me to conclude that the temperature graph in Polar Flow is based on actual readings from a temperature sensor in the Vantage V and not just some erroneous data plucked out the sky. Can anyone confirm?

    I think these temperature sensors are to close to the body in use to be accurate but it’s nice to a ballpark figure for reference.

    2) Unresponsive back button: Anyone experiencing any problems with the back button just not functioning on an intermittent and random basis? It seems fine today (so far) but for the first couple of days the back button would just stop responding, single press or press and hold would yield no results. Seems to occur more so if the watch has been sitting idle for quite a while. All other buttons are 100% responsive, first time, every time.

    • Yes there clearly is a temperature sensor. Barometers need these I believe for calibration. I also see the recorded data and it seems pretty accurate, but I wouldn’t use it as it’s on my wrist so not a great place to read temperature. Polar seem to do it well though.
      All of the buttons need a very positive press and I see the same but think it’s usually my fault 🙂

      Coming from that long on Suunto must be interesting. Suunto have a nice platform with lots of gaps and so do Polar. Coming from Garmin there is a huge change from the basic look of Garmin and utilitarian menus to the plush look and feel on Polar and Suunto. Garmin do have all the features you need though, and it all works, just wish they would learn to finish things off!

  7. I had the same thoughts that the barometer needs temperature but wasn’t entirely sure.

    My back button has been 100% responsive for the last few days so for the moment I’m going to put it down to perhaps some dirt, contamination or oxidisation on the internal switch contacts which has cleared through some usage.

    The move from Suunto to Polar hasn’t been quite the culture shock I was expecting. I do think that Suunto have a *slight* edge on the plush look and feel on both the watch hardware and web service software platform but I also feel that the the way the data is collated and presented in Flow provides a better overview and insight. It’s early days and I’m still finding my way around the platform but, so far, I’m more pleased with new things with Polar/Flow and things which are better implemented (in my opinion) over Suunto than I am disappointed with things that appear to be missing or poorly implemented, time will tell.

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