GPSMap 66

So, not the usual kind of device I post about but while looking for Edge 820 evidence this morning I found this on the FCC website which is clearly a GPSMap 66s (It’s orange, so must be the s variant). I’ve no idea what they may have changed – it still looks identical to the GPSMap 62s and the only difference on the 64s was the inclusion of Bluetooth for uploads. Perhaps a new screen or better processor, which itself could improve battery life. Maybe a PLB type function to signal distress as these have been approved for mountain use relatively recently. Well, more recently than the GPSMap 64 release.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 08.55.13


  1. Should be a new Astro device (Astro 430)
    Name in document title:

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m not so sure looking at the colouring in the picture it definitely looks like a GPSMap 6Xs model. I’d imagine they share hardware so might be both – there were two FCC applications.

      • Who knows, after Garmin acquired DeLorme maybe they will now add DeLorme’s tech into the new GPSMAP series devices.

        • Just what i was thinking 🙂

    • GPSmap

  2. Almost looked like a space in the back for a SIM …. maybe going to make it into a phone as well 🙂 or at least have data built in … that would make it interesting.

    • Thats the microSD slot like on the 64s I believe.

  3. I searched whole web sites nad found only here sone rumours. Thanks for that. Any further updates on it?

    • It looks like this may have been the Garmin Alpha. Garmin told me on Twitter there are no plans for a GPSMap 66 right now.

  4. Thanks for the info. It would be a pity.

  5. In the latest repair list there are GPSMAP 66,66s and 66st

    • It’s about time! I love my GPSMap 62s and couldn’t see a reason to upgrade to the 64s so hopefully they will have done something cool for the 66. Not that there’s a lot it needs but a higher res screen would be nice and a bit more speed. Longer battery life shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve after all this time too.

    • also, where are you getting these lists?

      • i have a friend who works for a garmin retailer.

  6. Been struggling to hold off on buying the aging 64. Any guesses as to when Garmin might release the 66?

    • Sorry no idea here. This was the first I’d heard of it.

    • who knows, the garmin virb ultra 60 has been on the dummy list for over a year now. if not durring summer, maybe in september at IFA in Germany.

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