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So, not the usual kind of device I post about but while looking for Edge 820 evidence this morning I found this on the FCC website which is clearly a GPSMap 66s (It’s orange, so must be the s variant). I’ve no idea what they may have changed – it still looks identical to the GPSMap 62s and the only difference on the 64s was the inclusion of Bluetooth for uploads. Perhaps a new screen or better processor, which itself could improve battery life. Maybe a PLB type function to signal distress as these have been approved for mountain use relatively recently. Well, more recently than the GPSMap 64 release.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 08.55.13


  1. Should be a new Astro device (Astro 430)
    Name in document title:

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m not so sure looking at the colouring in the picture it definitely looks like a GPSMap 6Xs model. I’d imagine they share hardware so might be both – there were two FCC applications.

      • Who knows, after Garmin acquired DeLorme maybe they will now add DeLorme’s tech into the new GPSMAP series devices.

        • Just what i was thinking 🙂

    • GPSmap

  2. Almost looked like a space in the back for a SIM …. maybe going to make it into a phone as well 🙂 or at least have data built in … that would make it interesting.

    • Thats the microSD slot like on the 64s I believe.

  3. I searched whole web sites nad found only here sone rumours. Thanks for that. Any further updates on it?

    • It looks like this may have been the Garmin Alpha. Garmin told me on Twitter there are no plans for a GPSMap 66 right now.

  4. Thanks for the info. It would be a pity.

  5. In the latest repair list there are GPSMAP 66,66s and 66st

    • It’s about time! I love my GPSMap 62s and couldn’t see a reason to upgrade to the 64s so hopefully they will have done something cool for the 66. Not that there’s a lot it needs but a higher res screen would be nice and a bit more speed. Longer battery life shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve after all this time too.

    • also, where are you getting these lists?

      • i have a friend who works for a garmin retailer.

  6. Been struggling to hold off on buying the aging 64. Any guesses as to when Garmin might release the 66?

    • Sorry no idea here. This was the first I’d heard of it.

    • who knows, the garmin virb ultra 60 has been on the dummy list for over a year now. if not durring summer, maybe in september at IFA in Germany.

  7. A hunting & fishing shop here in New Zealand is advertising the GPSMAP 66s and 66st now. Garmin NZ has confirmed it’s legit, but not yet officially released. Still no information to be found online.

    • Nothing on FCC yet but there are new Astro and InReach models so perhaps they are sharing some hardware and refreshing the GPSMap. Not sure what I’d change to update these, my 62s is still the best GPS device I have. Perhaps adding GLONASS etc. would be nice, and a higher res screen.

    • Thanks! Posted 🙂

  8. If (more likely when) the GPSmap 66 is released, it will likely be a similar update that the Oregon line got with the 700 – wifi, better bluetooth, and direct API access to

    • See the new post today – full details 🙂 It looks a great unit and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

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