Forerunner 930XT and 935XT

Recommendation: Wait, this is overdue


End of 2016 at the earliest.

Product Announced Available
Forerunner 305 JAN 3, 2006 FEB 2006
Forerunner 310XT APR 2, 2009 JUN 2009
Forerunner 910XT OCT 4, 2011 JAN-APR 2012
Forerunner 920XT Oct 1st, 2014 Early Oct 2014
Forerunner 930XT Oct 2016?



  • Improved ConnectIQ platform
  • New Running Dynamics
  • Running power support
  • Swim workouts
  • Group Track
  • Optical HR
  • Better processor
  • Boy/Girl colour ways. Garmin love implied gender specifics.


  • Better screen


I think there may be an optical option when the 930XT launches. Quite a few people are asking for one, and the running only watches have done this. Unfortunately the new Running Dynamics don’t work without the pod so don’t expect full features without the good old strap, even if it’s the comfy new strap.

With the new Fenix Chronos finally sorting out the bump on the optical HR it’s more likely that the 930XT will get a FR935XT variant with optical HR at the very least, if not rolled into the whole range.

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