Garmin will be releasing some new toys shortly

Finally some evidence! Garmin have some FCC filings in which are under confidentiality until 10/06/2016 – that’s 10th June for our American friends.

Device IDs are:
A02933 (Rectangle face, long thin and vertical)
A02784 (Round face)
AA2784 (Round Face)

So, this could be a Swim 2 and a Fenix 4 or it could be something else entirely. It’s also possible it’s a variant of Fenix 3 of course, so don’t get too excited and bear in mind we’re only 16 months after Fenix 3 was announced. We already have the new running and golf watches though, so unless these are new low end watches I’m not sure where else they fit. Comment with ideas.


  1. Wow, caught that one just in time, one was announced a couple of hours later! The rectangle is probably the golf watch, the other circle is still a mystery…

    • I like the fenix but not enough to buy it yet. I might not buy it at all because of the round face. In my opinion the round face does look nice…but the more important reason i am buying this type of a watch is for function and that means a rectangular face. If round was the way to view the type of information that is on these watches then our car dashboards would have round GPS units, Monitors would be round instead of rectangular and books would be round… So for me …I would like the Fenix 4 to do everything in a rectangulare easy to read face.

  2. vivosmart hr PLUS GPS baby. still more to come

  3. Funny enough the Irish site stills shows in garmin listing but specific link does not work|category_root|Sports+and+leisure|14419152

  4. Isn’t the round one the newly announced Garmin Vivomove? I think that’s the watch DCR saw on the plane 🙂 This, or the new Suunto Ambit replacement, which is due late May

    • He said it’s not the one from the plane. There are two round ones here so we should have another from Garmin shortly. Suunto have not filed anything with the FCC but certainly should have something out this year.

      • Thanks for clarification, I missed that. The Suunto has a huge sale of their Ambit line, it ends June, the 19th. Is it any indication?

  5. Interestingly, Suunto filed with FCC for Traverse after they announced it. We may not find out about the Ambit 4 until after release.

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