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Swim Jun 25, 2012 Jul 5, 2012
Swim 2 Never?



OK, so this little unloved product is well overdue an update. It doesn’t support the swimming HR straps, doesn’t have GPS, doesn’t do bluetooth uploads, doesn’t have ConnectIQ. Unfortunately, swimmers don’t tend to need this kind of training tool, they tend to use the wall clock to do repeats or a stopwatch to time themselves. It’s a shame, because a modernised version would be a nice addition to the range. In theory one of the fitness trackers or VivoActive may take its place in the cheap swim watch market while at the high end the 920XT and Fenix 3 have this covered very well.
The recommendation is buy only because there is no replacement expected. Make no mistake this is not current technology from Garmin but it does do what it says on the box and doesn’t cost a lot.

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  1. 2016 ! think about the 930xt’s functionality and where it comes from.

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