Garmin – something new WITH LTE?

Looks like Garmin have been cooking something up and are almost ready to launch.

This report suggests it will have built in LTE networking and so could be the Garmin Marq we mentioned previously

It also has NFC (Wrist payment) and Bluetooth as expected. It doesn’t seem to have Ant+ transmission so possibly doesn’t have wrist HR.

It has a round watch face.

It has a different menu structure than a Fenix, the FCC notice is at settings, sysem, about rather than settings, about.

If I had to guess (and this blog kinda means I do) I’d say this is a WearOS device rather than a pure training device judging on the current evidence. Either way, it’s great to see Garmin experimenting with LTE on the wrist. This device could live in various families at Garmin, including golf, outdoors, fitness, aviation, marine. I’m going to rule out the specialist marine and aviation markets – LTE just isn’t useful there specifically. That leaves fitness (no Ant+ retransmission of HR?), Outdoors (LTE would kill the battery mid-hike) and golf. I just don’t see a golf specific watch needing these features so a new category of pure smart watch seems most likely.

Exciting to see something so different.


  1. Hmm – exiting.

    What about:
    The transceiver is capable of simultaneous transmission combinations between the LTE and Bluetooth or LTE and BLE/ANT transmitters.


  3. Literally just got my 5plus Ti. Son of a b…..

    I’ve been led that it probably is not a Fenix with LTE. I was looking at the Fenix or 935 and was told “I don’t know exactly what it is, but it may not have everything you want right now”

  4. “It has a round watch face”

    Why again?? (((
    Rectangular shape is the best form-factor for GPS sport watch. If I want round one – I buy regular mechanic watch…

  5. Could this LTE be just for mobile data? If it fired on demand as needed by the user and only intermittently in the background to update texts, weather data, SOS, and position for Live Track or MapShare, then that would minimize the drain on the battery. This would be useful on the Fenix and other devices.

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