Garmin something new for September shows a new wrist worn activity tracker due in September. Possibly a Vivosport or Vivofit jr. The FCC screen is landscape though which has me a little confused!


  1. Any speculation that there might be new HRMs on the way? seeing some retailers with low to no stock for the TRI+SWIM bundle and reduced prices on RUN and TRI.

    • Nothing I’ve heard, although it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if they did update these. The Swim probably doesn’t need an update (although breath recording would be cool) but I can see the run and tri being updated and consolidated. There’s literally no point in the run existing other than some people like red 🙂

  2. bluetooth transmission is needed.
    swim is not comfortable with flawed strap design
    could be scope for a pro-team based solution especially if gps+accelermoter integrated (can’t wear a watch whilst playing soccer)

    • I disagree that Bluetooth is needed, but I’m sure it’ll be added anyway. One day BTLE profiles may even be standardised!
      I also disagree about the comfort of the Swim strap. It’s not very stretchy but it is the only strap that works when swimming without a wetsuit. I don’t find mine uncomfortable at all though.
      While I think they absolutely could if they wanted to, I don’t think there is sufficient scale for Garmin to bother with team sports. Polar has this niche covered so it would be an uphill battle for what is realistically very few sales (when compared to Fenix for instance). It may be a marketing move to ensure they hold the whole market, but equally given Garmin’s track record with transmission and reception it could be a PR disaster when rugby players at one end of the field go out of range. I don’t think pro teams would tolerate the same issues consumers do unless they were being paid. If Garmin have to pay for them to use it why bother?

      • Bluetooth…Zwift.
        not needed for me and you but hey. there’s a lotta zwifters out there. Garmin NEED to do it …at least for appearances sake
        maybe even get a power algorithm in it too.

        swim: I find mine realtively uncomfortable AND the strap cannot properly maintain tension (I still use it to annoy myself)… unlike the hrm-tri which is generally awesome

        there’s a few companies that do the team stuff from various angles. it would likely become a direct sale from garmin (cutting out the middle men) and also would be a high-value sale. Not sure garmin would invest in the app/software behind it tho.

        Rugby, etc: it’s not about range. it’s about caching.

        • Sir Clive Woodward seemed to think they monitored live when I spoke to him in the Twickenham changing rooms about their tech integrated into rugby shirts. He said American Football uses similar tech to see where players are on the field and what their stats are at any given moment. Caching wasn’t mentioned and wouldn’t give them any edge in a game either. FWIW this is also related to England changing to tighter shirts. Harder to grab and allows HRM integration. Sensor in the jump on the back. He may have been elaborating though…

  3. Have you heard anything on the replacement to the Forerunner 935 (945)? I’m really on the fence waiting on that, or buying a Fenix 5 plus…

  4. Yes some of the data is live with the Catapult OptimEye system

  5. Do you think it make sense to buy Vivosports now (August 2018)?
    Or, the new version is coming or looming soon?

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