Garmin Forerunner 925XT

So, we were all fooled by the Garmin Fenix Chronos FCC application. Well I was anyway. I still won’t be surprised to see a Fenix 4 announcement at CES but considering the lack of meaningful new hardware updates they could make we might actually be a year out. I certainly don’t have the confidence to drop a thousand or more of any currency on a Chronos to be shown the new model shortly afterwards. It’s not aimed at me though, and for some people that’s not a huge spend so I’m certain it will sell.

That leaves us with the square application from Garmin, which has a menu system like the 920XT. Given the lack of Fenix 4 I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a 925XT with optical heart rate. Probably a new colour or two and new straps too.

That’s no bad thing – the Forerunner 920XT is a good watch and is missing nothing in terms of functionality for its purpose. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the Fenix line, but it’s stable enough to train with. A stability the Fenix lacks with constantly changing firmware and new and old bugs coming and going.


  1. I didn’t expect the Fenix 4 to arrive already, it seems the Chronos are the last versions of the Fenix 3 with slightly different hardware.
    However it seems that in the Garmin development system both items which where registered before and after the Fenix 4 development registration have been released today (Virb Ultra and Forerunner 35).
    I don’t know the timeframe of the releases (and it seems Garmin can change this overnight) but one watch which could be based on the Fenix 3 could be the Descent (Dive Watch) however i expect it to have the Fenix 4/Fenix 4S brains.
    All other watches which are coming (vivokids / Forerunner935 and vivosmart 3) have “totally” different hardware and give no clues on the arrival of the “4” series.

  2. I think It’s the forerunner 35

    • Agreed. Shame but the 35 looks pretty good to be fair and as I said the 920XT is really, really good and doesn’t need updating. Kudos for Garmin for not refreshing the series for the sake of a refresh. Even the chronos adds something worthwhile without annoying Fenix owners. If they confirmed a timeline for refresh I’d respect them a lot but even if they hold off for a year that’s a good move. The problem is we are now all in that limbo of not confident to buy until the new 930XT and Fenix 4 is out just in case they surprise us. Lucky for Garmin though they are genuinely the most compelling right now so I’d still buy if I needed one.

  3. FWIW I think it needs refreshing to support the latest incarnation of CIQ.
    but, yes, FR35=grrrrr.

    • I don’t really care about CIQ as the apps don’t seem to give much. The old version has been updated with the useful parts anyway so not missing out on much. I do agree it needs an update though, I’m starting to think this time next year though for Fenix and 920.

  4. I’m hoping to buy a GPS running watch soon and I’ve been leaning towards the Forerunner 235. Do you think that it’ll be updated soon? Should I hold off for the new model, or will it be a few months?

    • I’d say you’re pretty safe with that one for a while.

  5. DCR
    “I don’t expect to see any near-term replacements there. I think they’re going to ‘let it ride’ a bit, following the Fenix3 HR earlier this year, and the FR735XT a few months ago.

    To be fair, it makes sense – there’s no real competitive pressure right now in that tri segment from either Suunto or Polar.”
    I think we need to wait till 2017 for a “real” replacement of 920xt

    • I was the one that asked him that question and i still believe we will see the 930xt October 8th at Kona Ironman.

      it’s going to be two years. it has to be there.

  6. I saw that comment too. I was quite surprised by it. If it reflects some inside knowledge about ‘forward looking’ product releases then someone at Garmin could get in trouble. So it’s probably his opinion which, from a marketing perspective, is as good as anyone else’s.

    Having said that. Looks like he was right and we weren’t!!!

    His comments consider other Garmin releases. TBH that is a sensible way to comment. Whilst we might think “Oh Polar are doing an XXX this month then surely Garmin must do a YYY to counter it” but I suspect that product releases are scheduled more around internal development cycles and major industry events. Maybe Garmin have competitive intelligence on what Polar et al are up to…probably…people move jobs. So I guess they all know roughly “who is planning what”.

    Where am I going with this? I need a coffee

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