Garmin Fenix 3

Recommendation: Wait, new watch due shortly


Product Announced Available
Fenix 1 JUL 10, 2012 AUG 2012
Fenix 2 Feb 20, 2014 March 2014
Fenix 3 January 5th, 2015 February 2015
Fenix 4 January 2017?


Despite the very short gap between Fenix 2 and Fenix 3 we are not expecting a replacement any time soonFollowing a one year gap between Fenix 2 and Fenix 3 then a one year gap to Fenix 3HR I expect Fenix 4 at CES 2017. The Fenix 2 was a very minor refresh over the original Fenix and it was clear that the Fenix 3 was already well into development alongside the 920XT which was part of the “next generation” of watches from Garmin. These next generation watches are now all available and so we should be back on to normal release cadence.

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