Garmin Edge 820

Recommendation: Imminent


Early2016 seems most likely, probably at CES.Summer 2016 if at all.


Product Announced Available
Edge 800 AUG 26, 2010 NOV 2010
Edge 810 JAN 7, 2013 JAN 2013
Edge 820 JAN 2016?



  • ConnectIQ support
  • Cycling Dynamics
  • Better Screen
  • Slimmer
  • Improved Bluetooth
  • Capacitive Touch screen
  • ANT+ FE-C trainer control
  • Varia Radar/light support


  • Bluetooth sensor support


The Edge 810 has been around for a while at this point, although is still receiving updates. It got Strava integration in 2015 among other updates, although some hardware limitations are starting to show, and it’s definitely not on the list for ConnectIQ integration. With the raft of other cycle computers announced this year, the 810 would seem to be either next on the list or its days are numbered. Looking at the dates of release, it would seem likely that January 2016 might see a new Edge 820 with improved screen, ConnectIQ and improved Bluetooth support. I’d expect a new unit to follow the style of the 520 while being a little larger and including maps and routing but cheaper than the Edge 1000. Hopefully we’ll also see the device slim down a little in the process.


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  1. CES 2016 is over but no Edge 820 unfortunately 🙁

  2. No Garmin Edge 820 so far 🙁

    Now the WAHOO’s ELEMNT is currently the best choice!

  3. As to when we will see an Edge 1010 or something like it, Garmin says there is no new Edge on the immediate road map. Time will tell.

    • They always say that until release day to avoid lost sales on the old unit. That’s kind of the point of this site, it highlights the chances of buying just before the new thing comes out. Unfortunately I’ve not been right yet apart from predicting the new Quatix watch 🙂

  4. I don’t know when it’s coming out but I have gotten my hands on the 820 for a few minutes. It’s the same size as the 520 but has a touch screen instead of buttons. Also has maps that are a lot more like the 810’s. There was an option for wifi but it didn’t seem to do anything, might be something still in the works.

    • Thanks for sharing, let’s hope it comes soon!

  5. Garmin posted a video on YouTube this morning of the Edge 820, it looks like the Edge 520. The pull the video after about 2 hours.

  6. The feedback from lil dicky is exactly what I had heard from someone at a shop. Appears some Garmin reps have it and some deny it exists.

    Good and bad on that news, as I want the same size screen as my 810 not smaller. WIFI would be nice, especially since my phone doesn’t always want to upload automatically.

  7. @LilDicky – if you’ve seen it I guess that is proof enough!

    I have seen the video that is still on the net. the video is surely not made by garmin as it’s a bit rubbish in quality ! (I link to it as above URL by @lusty)

    is this the same video that was taken down????

  8. yep. here are the images and product code from their website

    • Now we just need to know when it’s coming. Must be soon they don’t normally start leaking very early. I’d say July as the FCC isn’t up yet so we’re at least a week away.

  9. Looking at previous release dates, my guess is the wednesday before the tour starts.

  10. The tour has started and there is no new about new 820. Anybody knows something??? I have waiting to this new model but the waiting is so hard (I have no bike GPS and the 810 is saying me: buy me…buy me… jejeje).

  11. I was better on Wednesday before Tour as well. Maybe Shimano and Suunto announcements on Wednesday’s made them decide to push back to this week (being an optimist). Anyone have any ideas why the delays after all the leaks?

  12. lots more vids have popped up now. I’m just working on getting a few screenshots before they disappear. I suspect an announcement is VERY imminent ie this/next week. (tomorrow even!!)

  13. Here in Spain Amazon is selling today the 810 with a very big discount (223 euros) and some days ago sold the 520 with discount too. I think the 820 is coming very very soon. It will be too late for me because I have bought the 810 🙂

  14. HERE IT IS!!!

    I have a screenshot to prove it!

  15. Full specs and images:

    I’m working on a comparison. If anyone has any other youtube vids pls share

  16. It looks like Sigma Sport now have the Garmin 820 in stock. Sounds like a good upgrade from the 810… Has anyone got one yet? I’d love to get one just would like to know if the upgrade is worth it.

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