Garmin Edge 810 goes on sale

The Garmin Edge 810 has gone on sale. This could indicate an upcoming release of a replacement whether that is an 800 series or 1000 series since both of these are fairly old devices at this point. I wouldn’t necessarily expect an imminent release, but something mid-late summer might be a possibility. This puts the Edge 810 very definitely in the “buy if you get a good bargain” category. It still does what it always has and is a good little mapping computer so as long as you won’t cry when they replace it a month after your purchase then you’re all good. Realistically, a new model will be considerably more expensive than you can currently buy the 810 so unless you would spend that extra cash for the latest and greatest (and likely most buggy knowing Garmins new releases…) then this is a good option.


  1. I guess the short version of my question is: are you being a bit sarcastic and implying Garmin eventually offers some form of updates to fix bugs on their latest GPS hardware releases? I’m not super tech savvy.

    You said one would be fine picking up an 810 Edge that is on sale, unless basically they’ve a budget to buy the latest Garmin GPS.

    Given your comments, what main points makes it worth typically buying the latest Garmin GPS?

  2. Generally Garmin have a reputation for releasing good hardware with unfinished firmware. There is usually at least a few months up to a year of problems which means if you buy the 820 or 1010 next week it could be winter before it’s stable while the 810 is stable right now. The flip side is that the new versions will certainly have better hardware and will be supported for longer from today, while the 810 is effectively end of life and firmware will cease to be released this year I would expect. Hope that helps explain my thoughts, remember they are only my thoughts though 🙂

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