Garmin Edge 1030 soon

Thanks to AndersBech for the tip on this one. Pictures are starting to leak as expected for the upcoming Garmin Edge 1030 and Vector 3 pedals. With Eurobike weeks away it’s likely these will drop any time. Garmin seems to have learned not to launch at events as it gives them more time on the front pages so we may see it sooner.
Screenshots taken of site which seems a legitimate enough source as it’s an actual shop rather than a rumour site. The new devices look pretty much as imagined, with the Edge 1030 being a larger version of the Edge 820 (3.5″ screen rather than 2.3″) and the Vector 3 pedals looking like…well…pedals. But the pod is gone and hopefully the price will be competetive, and the installation as easy as the P1 pedals. If that’s the case then these may be the smallest and lightest power pedals around. The Edge 1030 seems to have two physical buttons at least and even looks nice and slim with a 16 hour battery life. It seems to be a similar case size to the Edge 1000 which had a 3″ screen, but with smaller bezels to accomodate the 3.5″ screen. Personally I’d have liked to see the device shrink a bit rather than a larger screen, but I know many people wanted bigger screens so this seems a reasonable compromise. It’s possible there will be something between the Edge 820 and the Edge 1030 too now that the 8xx series has become smaller.


  1. Nice

  2. Great news!
    Let’s see if we have some more ‘official’ news soon.

  3. Popularity based routing sounds good, it’s about time they updated the routing engine, I wonder if it’s in partnership with Strava or if they’re leveraging data from Garmin Connect.

    The screen looks lovely, hopefully that’s not just an artists impression 🙂

    The connected features are intriguing, you can already see others with livetrack, be cool to be able to click on them and plan a route, or send your location and a canned message.

    If they get the price right I’m in (subject to the DCR review he’s probably halfway through right now).

    • I’d have thought they would just use their own data. A very large portion of the data on Strava started life in a Garmin unit and flowed through Connect so there is no real reason to pay for data they have.

      • Yes you’d expect so. Makes sense to use their own data and yesterdays multiple outages on Garmin Connect make it look like they’re making updates there. Route planning on GC really needs some attention so fingers crossed.

  4. I Hope Vector3 compatibile with Shimano cleaps.

    • More likely Look cleats

  5. New form factor perhaps but is the hardware inside any different to the Edge 1000? If not, hopefully at least some of these features will trickle down into new software for the 1000 (having bought one recently!).

    • After three years I would expect much improved internals. It will support Bluetooth sensors for a start! Unlikely that many features will go to the Edge 1000 after launch, a few might but Garmin usually cut off the old platform once a new one is released.

      • It’d be great to see teardowns of these devices like we get for new iphones. I’d be really interested to know which socs are being used. Would let us know just how underpowered the 820 really is and how improved kthe 1030 is over the 1000.

        • This connct iq benchmark app was the best performance indicator i could find. 520 and 820 quite close in performance with 1000 roughly 5x faster. Considering the 820 came out 2 years after the 1000 thats some seriously messed up design decision, but its also surprising just how powerful the 1000 is compared to other garmin devices.

          • Garmin has to balance battery life and the 1000 has a bigger battery. Hopefully the replacement has a newer CPU so it more efficient and gets a longer battery life even if it isn’t much faster.

            The other thing to look at is Garmin tends to share base hardware between devices even if the case, software/functionality on them is different. Currently the 1000, oregon7xx and rino7xx seem to share base hardware. Are they about to release a new base hardware platform with the 1030 leading the way? Or is this a more minor update like the 810 was to the 800?

          • Looking at it that way the last major platform change Garmin had was awhile ago. (The F5 seems to be based on the fr735, the Edge 820 was based on the 520)

            So if they have a team dedicated to the very lower level of the devices (ie cpu level) then they haven’t switched to a new platform in awhile so it may be time for something new.

          • I wouldn’t put too much stock in that app as a relative measure of device performance. It’s likely that the app is designed as single threaded so if the 820 has a multiple core part but with lower clock speed you’d get a lower score even if the overall platform performs better than the 1000. We’ll see when the 1030 arrives as I’d expect that to have a lower score too, which will no doubt cause huge debated in forums. Ultimately though, it’s a reflection of modern processor design which is all about power and efficiency. The only question is whether the device has sufficient power to run the firmware, and even then that often needs a year from Garmin to refine.

          • That app is singlethreaded. Connect IQ doesn’t deal with threads

            You think the garmin’s are multicore? Going multicore from the hardware side may be easy as lots of multicore chips exist that would still require garmin to make their core OS to support multicore. Why would they? They don’t really need that much processing power.

          • Most modern chips are multithreaded for power reasons. Shutting down cores is the best way to save power.

          • What would really work for a bike computer like the 1030 is big.little, pairing a larger powerful core with a small, very energy efficient core. Reading sensor data and updating the screen takes very little CPU effort, but route planning needs a much more powerful CPU.
            Only powering up the big CPU when routing or doing other complex calcs, and running on the small low power core otherwise (probably 99% of the time) could give some really long battery life, with the excellent response time that’s currently lacking on devices like the 820. Whether Garmin thinks the development effort is worth it is another question but seems logical enough to me.

          • lusty, software hardware, all you’re talking about is the hardware side. If Garmin decided to move to an Android core of the OS, sure.

            You know the other way of saving power? Enter sleep as fast as you can. These devices aren’t that CPU intensive that a speed oriented chip is even needed

          • The edge 820 is very underpowered. I’ve not tried the 1000. Maybe its just bad software and it could be optimised but its been 2 years now. Agreed we aren’t looking at smartphone levels of throughput but every new feature ups the cpu load and the device needs to be responsive or the user gets frustrated. If Garmin don’t make the best device possible there are others that will, Wahoo, Karoo, maybe Yahoo are planning something too 😉

  6. Hi,

    Unimportant aspect, but aesthetics do matter.

    From the above pictures it looks like the Out-Front mount has finally had a ‘make-over’ and has placed the 1030 more in front and lower, which is much better in-line position than before.

    Does that mean the 1030 will come with this improved mount, or was this just a marketing picture, and the 1030 will sit in an awkward angle, half hanging over the stem?



    Bluetooth…and wifi.

    • Well spotted, that would indicate it’s either today or later next week 🙂

      • is there an update expected on the Garmin out front mount. Pictures above show the 1030 is lower more in line position?

        • Answered above – it’s probably just the varia mount. You can see the light in one of the pics.

    • The 1000 has BLE too.
      Will it connect to BLE sensors though? That’s what we want to know.

  8. thank goodness, I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see a successor to the edge 1000

  9. I think it will be available around the mid to end of September. I think it will be previewed at eurobike

  10. I was in a reputable local bike shop last night and was told the 1030 was going on sale on Tuesday, 8/29.

  11. Unboxing

  12. hmmm.

    yes dc never experienced touchscreen issues with the 820, but I think it says in the review of the 1030 that the issues are improved. confusing.

  13. This was an upgrade to my 510. Paired with new Vecror 3, the first ride was excellent. Enjoyed the screen size and clarity of the activity pages. Mapping looks like it will be awesome; notified me that I was on unpaved rodes…. was able to use current mounting hardware and integrated with my Garmin Connect account without issue.

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