Garmin Edge 1030

Thanks to PavLinux for this link showing the new Garmin Edge 1030. It looks like we finally have a name with which to search for information! Please post in the comments below if you find anything else.


  1. Good effort!

    Also appears in the Apple and Windows compatibility list, forum thread seems to have gone, what did it say?

  2. Heh, the thread in the Garmin forum has been removed.

  3. This is great news! Any idea on a release date?

  4. This site seems to think at Eurobike, which means right at the end of August, so too late in the season for me, and I’ll either buy something else or wait until next year. At least I’ll have a chance to see if they cocked the design up before I think about getting one.

    • Garmin have moved away from launching at events recently. I’m wondering if they’ll launch just before the tour starts so they stay on news sites while it’s on and get maximum exposure.

      • either that or just before the show. they won’t announce during a show as publicity is diluted

  5. Fu%$%@ing Garmin remove my thread 😀

  6. screenshots

  7. Garmin seem to have updated their PDF’s too, or should I say, gone back to a previous version. Don’t see the 1030 in there any longer.

    With the appearance of the Hammerhead Karoo around the corner Garmin better pull quite the rabbit out of the proverbial hat!

  8. I’ve been looking for the Edge 1000 replacement for some time now, and just ran into this webpage, that seems to have leaked photos of the new Edge 1030

  9. I think it will be mid to late September

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