Garmin Edge 1010

So, we all know this is WAY overdue. It must be coming soon.

What’s taking so long though, all they need do is slim it down and pump the CPU a bit?

Perhaps a camera will be added. It’s certainly trendy right now to add camera controls, and Garmin have the excelent Virb Ultra 30 so they certainly have the technology. At the very least there will be Virb controls in the computer.

Alternatively, as we’ve seen with the Fenix 5 Garmin may be adding Bluetooth sensor support. This will be a PITA for them since cycle sensors are all over the place in BTLE land and very difficult to support well. We’ve seen continuous issues on other BTLE cycle computers, and Garmin can’t get this wrong or users will say they are trying to destroy Bluetooth.

Or maybe they’ve just been napping? Comment below what you’d like to see in a new flagship (aka big) Edge device.


  1. Not really overdue. The 510 to 520 was 3 years, 810 to 820 3 years, so 1000 to 1010 also 3 years. Should be on Sea Otter indeed.

  2. yep a camera could be meaningfully added. they could also innovate with the inclusion of a SIM card, that’s probably the ‘next big thing’ for cycling computers (that isn’t that big in reality)

  3. A hands-free system to receive calls would be esential to me. Also to install whatsapp compatibility. I like to record voice messages when I ride a long route.

  4. – All the functionality the FR935 and Fenix 5 have (like the newer firstbeat metrics)

    – screen size at least the same as the 810 with the resolution of the 1000 (i.e. should keep a bigger screen then the 820 but shouldn’t decrease resolution as that is useful for looking at the map)

    – Better battery life then the 520/820/1000 devices. If you want something small and light then don’t get the 1010, doesn’t mean it should be giant in size but no reason to skimp.

    – magnetic compass. If I’m stopped at an intersection I want my map to stay oriented correctly so I know I’m going the right way.

    – support for muscle oxygen

    – maybe connect iq will add functionality that can be used against the map and routes/courses

    – share courses between units (and hopefully compatible with as many other garmin devices that support courses)

    – use the radar to start and stop the camera (i.e. start the camera when the radar says a car is behind but leave it stopped the rest of the time) Having enough functionality in connect IQ to do this would be good too (read from the radar and control the camera)

    – ability to broadcast the turn direction the course wants you to take. Always liked the idea of some external device giving a better UI for this either in the form of turn signals or that hammerhead device awhile ago

    – UI and connect iq functionality that can control if the device is recording HRV info into the activity FIT file or not. (I know very little uses this info now but have a feeling this would be pretty simple to do and could allow people to make use a HRV analysis as its a chicken and egg problem where the data needs to easily exist for others to want to analyze)

  5. Add a hiking mode. Maybe not as full featured as the real outdoor gps units but like the bike mode on the FR630. So a mode where it sets the activity correctly in the fit file (so when uploaded it comes across as the right activity type) and turns off auto pause which really doesn’t work while hiking.

  6. Eli, you’re on the wrong site 🙂 [welcome tho]

    like the ideas, not sure about the broadcasting bit but the rest sound great.

    • What site should I be on?

      I’m not sure it broadcasting turn notifications would be used well. But feel like it would be pretty trivial to implement (in the event where the unit is doing a turn notification broadcast out an ant+ packet) Obviously will require a new ant+ profile. Just feel this is the chicken and egg type problem although think I want this in the car more then bike. (maps and routing is hard and see many devices that improve the UI but fail because the hard work on the routing and maps isn’t done well)

  7. What I want with new edge1xxx is… all functions of edge820 with larger screen.
    How about 5 inch with HD resolution? that’s all I want and need immediately.

  8. I’ll be happy with 820 functionality, a bigger screen and 20 hour battery life, but as the 10X0 is the flagship Garmin cycling model they’ll likely need to add a bit more than that. Camera is intriguing, it would likely be low res (at least not 4k) to keep the storage usage down and work on a loop like the Fly camera/lights. TBH I can’t see it, but who knows. They need to consider aerodynamics after the Bolt made that a feature, but unless they had prior knowledge of the Bolt design it’s way too late to make any changes as the deign will have been fixed months ago.

    • xplova used 720 camera and got HAMMERED for it. sure it wont be 4k

  9. Battery life is the biggest problem with the Garmins. I would hope that the 1010 unit would last at least 20-24 hours and have easy battery backup that conforms to the Garmin unit. Most people who use a Garmin also carry a cell phone. In the backpacking world, the iPhone is beginning to completely replace dedicated gps units since it does as good of job as a Garmin, and Garmin needs to wake up to that. A Garmin doesn’t need a camera since the iPhone or Galaxy will always do it better, and since the Garmin easily pairs with cell phones to notify regarding incoming calls. Garmin doesn’t need Sim functionality for the same reason.

    • phones are not replacing computers by no means. there are no phones with Ant+ radios embedded and BTLE isn’t a stable option for serious folk. six hour ride in the middle no where i haven’t taken my phone out of my pocket. my 1000 is actually more dependable on many levels.

      in terms of new features i think you right that garmin needs to wake up a bit! i think the 1010 will be a major departure from the edge line in terms of UI (at least i am hoping). Garmin needs to push their limits in this department and reframe from thinking the same is good enough. regardless, ill be buying one when it comes up!

      • I always love reading other users reactions before making a post with some info myself.
        FYI, Samsung has multiple ANT phones.
        I do agree phones are not a replacement for a bikecomputer.
        However from you post i’m missing what you are missing in terms of new features.

        If i read the post of Eli, he’s named the F5 functions that will be in the new 1010.

        Question for everyone complaining about battery life, who needs 24H battery live? If you really need it all the time you will be disappointed. The same solutions as on the 1000 will exist only made by Garmin.

        • While I hope all the F5 functions make it to the 1010 (well those that make sense) that wasn’t my point.

          For battery life, I’m not saying 24h is needed, but they really do need to have a longer battery life in the 1010. The 1000 series is more for mapping, right? So its battery should be good enough to stay on the map screen for all of a slow century with no turning off the device at rest stops so with factoring in how battery life slowly decreases over the age of the unit I’d put that at 15 hours. The map screen part is important as that drains the battery way faster then the data screens which is what the battery life run times are from.

          It should also be very easy to plug in an external battery to charge and power the unit. (by very easy I mean if the garmin is in use recording a ride you can plug in and unplug a battery without having to worry about the unit shutting down or stopping recording) Don’t know if the 1000 can or can’t do that now but my older garmins had issues

          • 1000 can plug with external battery and unplug while recording with no trouble.
            for me, I am looking forward the new edge flagship model supports 24 hrs and longer battery life. it’s important in some activity especially in bad weather.

    • most sensible comment to me so far

  10. I wonder if the fact that most Garmin Edges are on sale, including $100 off the 1000 on the Garmin website, indicates that the 1010 release is imminent?

  11. Bluetooth sensor support is a must. So important. I also agree with what others have said re: battery life. That’s the #1 problem area for garmin devices in my opinion.

    • Why is it you think BTLE sensor support is important? Ant+ is demonstrably superior as a sensor platform and there are only 2-3 BTLE only sensors out there so Garmin users are hardly missing out. Unless you enjoy support calls of course, Ant+ generates far fewer support calls, especially around power meters!

      • I am totally with you on that comment. ANT+ is a more robust standard. although one benefit to BTLE is they carry a device name. which means you won’t have to rename your device everytime you have to repair. that is my main and only issue with ANT+.

  12. Looking at the latest wireless socs the new 1010 might use bluetooth 5 and maybe NFC touch to pair. Pairing isnt done very often but i always find it a bit of a pain in the arse so anything that improves it would be welcome.

    • Did you confirm whether the Garmin 820 or 1030 has Bluetooth 5?

  13. Confirmed that there are no Garmin announcements at Sea Otter (by DC Rainmaker), so whats happening with the 3 year old 1000?

    Have Garmin gone back to the drawing board because of the increased competition?

    Have they decided to drop the 10×0 and stick with the 5×0/8×0?

    Or was it not quite ready for Sea Otter (seems unlikely, they could have had a paper launch).

    At this point I need a new device and was set on the 1000 successor, now I don’t know what to do… (1st world problems).

    Anyone got any insights? Lots of people (in bike forums at least) jumping to Wahoo.

    • Ray answered this weeks ago very subtly. It makes no sense for Garmin to launch during an event like this as they get less press that way. If they launch next week Garmin might have the DCR front page for a few days. Launching at Sea Otter they risk another post going up in 5 minutes. I still feel we’ll have a new large device by summer. Either way, the 1000 is very old now so at some point would be superseded or killed off in the near future. It’s hard but I’m still holding off myself, the 820 is just too small a screen for proper navigation.

      • Ah, thanks that makes sense. In a completely non-scientific survey on the club run this morning more riders had 1000s than any other GPS so seems unlikely it would be left to wither. Just hope its out in time for our annual mountains trip at the end of June.

        • As ever, if you need a device right now look what’s available now and choose. This site only aims to reduce dissapointment by making you aware what might be around the corner, but there’s no point waiting if you need something today!
          If your target is end of June I’d say wait until end of May for an announcement and then make the leap either way. If Garmin announce end of May you may not even get a unit by June. The 1000 is heavily discounted right now so it’s not a bad purchase. Expect the retail price of an Edge 1010 to be higher than that of the 1000 by quite a margin ($600-$700) and don’t expect discounts within the first year. The Edge 1000 is now $400 reduced from $500 so there will be quite a difference in cost.

          • I can’t buy a 3 year old device, offends my geek OCD 🙂
            If a new 1010 is too expensive or not available then I’ll stick with my old 510 for a bit longer. A new Edge is going to have much better ConnectIQ functionality and that’s going to be key to filling in the bits that Garmin miss. I might even have a crack at ConnectIQ myself.
            DCR did say yesterday that this week was going to be a busy one for product round ups and reviews (other than Sea Otter), so maybe we’ll see something.
            I’m hoping for $499 (current 1000 list price) rather than $600-$700, that would fit the $299, $399, $499 split from the 520, 820, 1010. It would need to be something absolutely exceptional to be worth $600-$700. Who knows, but it’s fun to speculate 🙂

          • Look at Fenix pricing, they used launching the 5 as an excuse to massively hike prices and I can see the same happening here. Once Garmin do this it’ll be the new normal so expect others to follow.

  14. I didn’t know that as I don’t follow the higher end watches (I’ve got a VAHR), but Garmin also released the Forerunner 935 which is essentially a Fenix 5 but at a lower price point. I expect they’re also about to release a new Chronos based on the 5 but at a much higher price point.

    I’m speculating that watches can carry a higher price point than cycling devices, but thats maybe wishful thinking. We’d all know if they’d just release the thing….

    • The 935 is indeed a “cheap” Fenix 5. It’s also the successor to the much cheaper 920XT, so here too they used new devices as a reason to increase prices.

      • I’m trying to remain optimistic but it’s not working. To add to the good news DCR just replied to a question I asked on 1010 availability saying he doesn’t see much value in replacing the 1000 before this season. Given he’d likely already have access to a unit for testing if it was imminent I think this means we’re not going to get a 1010 any time soon.

  15. Love my Garmin 820 and have been waiting for the next generation of the Edge 1000 (Edge 1010?), but couldn’t wait any longer. Gave up and purchased the Wahoo. Garmin better watch out or they will lose big market share if they don’t keep their products up-to-date.

  16. After all the rumors of an April/May announcements I am also being less enthusiastic when or even if Garmin will announce a new device as a follow-up for the Edge 1000.

    Will most likely not wait much longer, unless anybody here has some news?

    And, what are current best alternatives?

    • Alternatives are the reason Garmin can act the way they do. If you want big screen mapping there aren’t many options sadly.

  17. This site thinks Eurobike/Interbike for the 1010 and also mentions an external battery pack. Wonder what evidence that’s based on.

    Note the original article data is April but it’s been updated since then.

  18. TBH all I want is a larger screen, say 50%, better cpu and more battery life

    • Do you mean a larger screen than the Edge 1000, or just larger than the 820? Personally I’d be happy with the same size screen as the Edge 1000 in a smaller case but it’s interesting to hear what others want. You never know, Garmin engineers might even read these comments and take note!

  19. I really wish Garmin would pull their finger out and release this, the 520/820 screens are just too small and I can’t bring myself to buy the 1000 that’s 3 years old and bulky. For me all the 1010 needs to be is a same size screen and reduce the bulk. With perhaps a better battery life of the ability to change batteries or easily charge it on the go without stopping recording.

    • You might be interested in the Hammerhead:

    • The new replacement for the 1000 will be released the 2nd week in August and have a bigger screen in the same sized housing. I have confirmed this.

  20. When could the new EDGE (1010) be released?

    • I see a $100 mail in rebate for a 1000 at my LBS, maybe the 1010 is soon?

      • I have confirmed that. It will be released the second week in August. 🙂

    • 2nd week in August. Confirmed with inside sources.

  21. Cyclists from the UCI World Tour currently use the EDGE 1000 at Giro and TDF.
    If a new model were to be released in the coming month, the prototype would already used on Pro Tour.

  22. This is what everyone needs:

    • If it works. And that’s a big if in this industry for a new device. I certainly don’t believe their battery life claims as they don’t align with the reality of every other device available.

    • watch the Hammerhead promo again. UI is ungodly slow! also it is all renders no real product just vaporware. it reminds of the Asus head unit that was a big let down. Ill wait for Garmin. although they are ultra conservative they seem to get it right.

  23. I’ve got inside info that the NEW flagship (replacing the 1000) will be release the second week in August 2017! My contact says it’s it’s better in every was and noted a few (Bigger screen in the same size PKG, battery life, better daylight readability). The contact also said “everything is new with it” and that there will be an upgraded and much improve mountain bike mount released.

    • sounds good. I received a promo E-Mail for the 820 explore and it got me thinking that Garmin was attempting to move some more 820 units before a up coming release would caniblize their sales

    • Has the new FLAGSHIP been released yet?

  24. Still no release yet? Any more updates on release?

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