Garmin Edge 1010

Recommendation: Buy the Edge 1000 if you need a computer


Early 2017 seems most likely, probably at CES.


Product Announced Available
Edge 1000 APR 9, 2014 MAY 2014
Edge 1010 2017?



  • ConnectIQ 2 support
  • Better Screen
  • Better battery life
  • ANT+ FE-C trainer control
  • Varia Radar/light support


  • Bluetooth sensor support


The Edge 1000 has been around for a while at this point, but not long enough for an update in my opinion. With the other cycle products Garmin have gone with a longer refresh cycle and there is no reason to think differently here. With its colour screen and capacitive touch, the hardware is still very compelling and although the software may leave something to be desired, a next gen would likely suffer from similar issues.


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  1. Garmin lifecycle would suggest that there may be an update in 2017 however Garmin really need to pull some major upgrades with the 1000 replacement. Many of the features listed above are already present on the 1000 and the only thing that really differentiates it from the 820 at the moment is screen size. I actually use the 820 in preference to the 1000 at the moment due to its smaller form factor.

    • Agreed but the 820 is smaller than the 810 was so at this point a good large screen is desperately needed and without that huge bezel!

      • I think it will be at Sea Otter and we will see bluetooth sensor support, as Garmin just released that in one of their devices (I’d look up which one on DCR but I’m too lazy).
        I’d love to see an always-on OLED screen, if they could manage the battery life that could be a gamechanger.
        Hopefully a similar size screen but definitely smaller bezel.
        Needs 20 hour battery life.

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