Garmin at Sea Otter

Ok, so we’ve been expecting an Edge 820 and an Edge 1010 for a while. As I noted the other day Garmin just discounted some older units. Now…
Garmin have TWO stands at Sea Otter!

This is it kids, this time I’m almost probably certain they might release a new bike computer…

For what it’s worth, Polar don’t have a stand so no excitement there.


  1. Updates please

    • None yet 🙁 I even looked at the new images on Garmin newsroom and nothing. Hopefully DCR will report on what’s in the booths and put us all out of our misery 🙂

      • Ha! I’ve been hitting F5 both here and at DCR all morning.

  2. Any updates on new garmins?

    • Not yet, I’m ignoring the new golf device 🙂

  3. 🙂

    There’s DEF 2x significant tri-related watches coming out this year. Post golf that is. I’m not saying from Garmin per se. either.

    • I think this year we should see a new Polar and 930XT (or at least 925XT). Ambit 4 is coming too I’d say.

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