Forerunner 935XT

SO I’ve been quite quiet on the subject of 935XT despite various rumours on the net (well at least).

I’m not saying I don’t believe the rumour. I’m torn. It’s just that it looks exactly like the other available Garmin watches and nothing like a 920XT. Too easy to fake and too little evidence that the 920XT team want to give up their long standing square screen model with front buttons (just like an Edge computer) for something exactly like every other watch they make.

Why would they? Who would be the market for a round watch that’s between the 735 and the Fenix 5? I’d buy another square one to complement my Fenix 5 just like I have the Fenix 3 and 920 combo but let’s face it they would be better off dropping the 9xx range than making a shiny 735.

I’m probably wrong, but that doesn’t make Garmin right for releasing it!


  1. So technically – its aa software upgrade with the Fenix hardware. Obvious to see that they are trying to switch the multisport athletes to one watch the FENIX. Most of us don’t like the Fenix. But getting away from 2 hardware platforms is a smart move whn the revenue is based off software.

  2. fenix will be multi-variant: dive, tri, mountain to replace the plethora of previous models that were similar.


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