Forerunner 930XT update

OK, so this one is now officially “overdue”. The garmin-930xt was due in October this year based on a two year cycle. The burning question on everyone’s keyboard then is “should I get a 920XT for xmas?”.

The answer, dear reader, has never been more complicated. With Fenix Chronos Garmin have muddied the waters in what constitues a new watch. Chronos has the same functionality as Fenix 3, but supports the newer ConnectIQ 2 and has a vastly improved processor. It’s very likely they will do the same to the 920XT shortly, if only to support ConnectIQ 2.

So, as it stands today in late October, I expect a Forerunner 930XT and 935XT at CES in early January. I expect this device to be available in different colours to the 920XT. One of them will be black, and I suspect this time it’ll be grey on black or black on black after the kerfuffle over a blue stripe last time. Another one will be red/pink/purple/white of course – where Garmin come from girls are girls and boys are boys. Personally I’d like them to also pick some more jazzy colours like the yellow FR230, but as long as the body is plain enough straps can be swapped.

Features? You want features? Sorry, no, probably not. Better processor and more memory to address more modern requirements. These might lead to improved battery life, but it’s more likely Garmin would do what Apple does and keep the battery life static while adjusting things around it – make the watch smaller or thinner for instance. People (normal people, at least) are pretty happy with the battery on 920XT so with that in mind, and with a lack of real “features” being added it’s likely they would make the case smaller. This is a welcome change of course.

The screen will probably stay the same, not a bad thing as it’s functional and clear.

Sensor support may improve – running power for instance is gaining traction. They might even add the elusive indoor rowing support.

So, would I wait? Not really. The 930XT will be more expensive and do the same thing as the 920XT. If you need a watch for training and xmas is your chance to get one past the boss go for it. If you will feel disapointed to not have the latest in the range, January is only an extra month away.

The above is speculation, of course, it could easily be another year before we see an update to the 920XT. It doesn’t look dated, it doesn’t lack support for any real training scenarios a triathlete would be interested in other than a few niche ones. I don’t even think the public are screaming out for optical HR on this one like they did with Fenix – the discerning 920XT owner is usually too busy training, after all.

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2 comments on “Forerunner 930XT update
  1. Circe says:

    Impressive deal on Amazon for the 920xt. I think the successor is near…

  2. Laird says:

    I agree. Clever Training has a big sale too. That is usually a mark of clearing inventory ahead of a new launch.

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