Forerunner 245 (FR245)

There are a significant numer of you GPSrumors followers intersted in the Forerunner 245 (FR245). This is weird because the Forerunner 235 was born in October 2015. This means the FR245 will be at least October 2017 and realistically 2018 since it took a lot of thunder from FR225 early. There are very few hardware or software reasons Garmin would touch this early, let alone on time. You can be fairly confident that the Forerunner 235 will live and be current until 2018 so if that’s your thing, buy this watch with confidence.

Garmin, if you’re reading this and know different, give me a shout out. Your loyal customers are at stake!


  1. Oh man, when I saw the title of this post, I thought the 245 would be coming sooner than that.
    If it doesn’t come by the end of summer I’ll probably get the 935.

  2. I thought the same thing. No don’t say you’ll buy the 935. I won’t. I’m really considering making the jump from Polar to Garmin. But the 935 is too much watch. I could buy it but I want a 245 and sooner is better to get me to make a jump. If it had music on board that would be A.. MAZING. Why would Garmin release a running watch in October. Let’s get those summer runs in with a new running watch. I also want to get a cycling computer but Garmin has to first get me with a watch. We shall see. Nice rant 😐

  3. What are the chances Garmin will mix the design of the 235 and the function of the Vivoactive HR into the 245? I want the features of the Vivoactive, but the design of the 235…

  4. Exactly the info I was looking for, thanks. Just went out and got a FR 235

  5. I thought they wanted to get everything moved over to the new software and hardware platform ? I would hope the 235 replacement comes soon. I want to move off my ms band but wont waste money on the 235 since it will stop getting updates soon and I would prefer better battery life

    • I 2nd that.

  6. I am using a Forerunner 225. Really happy with it actually. All I really miss is music (connect to my bluetooth headset).

  7. Any more news on when the 245? Release date, specs, design? I hope it does not change much from the 235.

  8. Any updates on the 245?

  9. My wife asked for a FR235 for her birthday in a few weeks… I’d love to wait, but can’t wait until next year. Any thoughts?

    • Personally I’d be looking at the vivoactive 3 over the 235 right now as it’s a new platform and does everything the 235 does (I think, check DCR). I can’t see what a 245 would do that would improve that so if 935 is too pricey it seems an easy choice unless you get a good discount or she likes a specific colourway.

      • The main thing a 235 has over the vivoactive 3 is (a) buttons if that’s what you prefer and (b) better control over data screens since the Vivoactive 3 forces each screen to have the same # of fields. I think the Vivoactive 3 also does not have manual laps, so if that’s a big deal (I never use them) you’re back with the 235.

    • Don’t do a vivo 3 if she wants sounds…. I am returning it because it doesn’t have any alert sounds 🙁

  10. Is 10/2018 and no news on forerunner 245. Anyone?

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