Forerunner 245 and 645 what to expect

These are due for release in October and we’ve not heard a peep from any rumour mill so here’s my thoughts on what we may see.

Almost certain


  • Wrist HR in all models, removal of non-HR version(s)
  • Watch based payment services (Garmin Pay)
  • Group tracking
  • Standard charge cable (like Fenix 5)
  • BTLE Sensor support
  • Updated ConnectIQ
  • Quickfit straps


Less Certain

  • Increased battery life to 20 hours
  • Music playback (Garmin have been adding storage to watches recently)
  • Strava live segments


  1. I think music is really hard to do. Getting a player to work with Android, Apple, PC and Mac not to mention the multitude of crap headphones out there is a lot of work. Read the reviews of Fitbit’s Ionic or head over to the Fitbit Reddit sub to see the challenges they have.

    I hope that Garmin’s Axxxxx device from your other post is a practice run on a lower profile device to let Garmin work out the bugs, and then maybe in Spring 2018 they will roll it out to a running watch.

  2. “These are due for release in October”. Has this been confirmed anywhere official or is this just an assumption based on previous release schedules? I’m holding off buying a 235 on the basis that the 245 is coming, but I wonder if I’ll still be waiting at Christmas.

    • Not confirmed, but if you’re looking and a new model would bother you I would wait until the end of October/early November for an announcement as these are pretty consistent historically.

      • OK thanks! I might wait for a few weeks, although I’m also tempted by the 735. However, I don’t swim much so I may just be being seduced by all sorts of features that I don’t really need!

        • Running power has been confirmed as coming in November alongside a new ConnectIQ version. This will almost certainly be alongside the launch of new running watches. Late November is very late for these so hopefully they will be announced in October and ship in November with new ConnectIQ. This aligns well with past launches so I very much expect these this month to ship next month.

  3. Forerunner 235 are out for sale in Sweden and not restocking. Hopefully forerunner 245 is just around the corner!

  4. There will be an announcement of 245,645, and Fenix 5 Plus series. All will have barometers, just different feature sets therein.

    • That would be a surpise if they didn’t have barometers. Even 245, as I can’t imagine the newest running watch from Garmin would not support their latest running power.

      The question is when will we see the announcement. This week? aAlso to what extent FR645 will be different than FR245?

      • Traditionally touch screen was the main difference I believe. I’d expect last week of October so maybe 26th?

  5. pretty soon and lots of vibes

  6. IF announced last week of October, what is guestimated time frame for the new 245 to be ordered/delivered? Have a later November race and like others for this update have been waiting for this update.

    • I wouldn’t count on getting a untit by end of November. If you order early from the right store then Xmas is realistic though. If it’s a race, you’d want to have the device a few weeks before anyway just to feel comfortable.
      That said, Clever training in the US seem to generally have early stock thanks to the DCRainmaker partnership (aka they know they can shift units). Sometimes REI have an exclusive.
      In Europe it’s a lottery, someone always has the exclusive but nobody ever says who, even after release.
      As I said, Xmas is your best bet. Or the Forerunner 935 which is awesome and probably the same price as the 645.

  7. Now November. Any update?

  8. Still no update? I would like to send back my VA3 because of all this issues and get the Forerunner 645 instead.

  9. I have a 210 and have been waiting for a year on the 235 with the idea that a newer version would be coming out soon. I only found this site today! As my 210 has now died things are getting more desperate, I hope the 245 is released soon. When the 245 is released, is the 235 expected to be discontinued, or will they keep it and discount it? Any thoughts on that?

    • If you need a replacement buy the 235 in the sales. Even if Garmin release today stock wouldn’t usually arrive for a month and even then it’s usually constrained. Also consider the Vivo active 3 as an alternative.

  10. Chatted Garmin rep at Philly Marathon Expo. Of course he could not give any ‘details’ however alluded to the 645 / 245 coming in early 2018.

  11. Awesome source of information; good job on site!

    I find myself replacing a Polar M400 shortly and the only sensible choice seems to be the Vivoactive 3, however, I would have expected news about a FR 245 by now but see/hear nothing.

    Does anyone have any insight to share? Am I going to have to buy Vivoactive 3 so that new FR comes out? Anyone?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  12. I’m also waiting for FR245. FR645 with/without music should be on sale soon now that FCC has tested them.

    • *The new FR645/FR645 music watches are available for pre-order at some retailers but won’t be shipping until the first week of March.

      • I pre-ordered from Clever Training yesterday and was told by support they are planning to start fulfilling orders in early February.

        • Congrats on your order Mark! Bestbuy Canada website has both the FR645 music and non-music up for pre-order in black (Feb 15), and Sandstone or Cerise (Mar 15). They are currently not up yet on Bestbuy’s U.S. site.

  13. Delivery by Clever Training of 645M with black band in US has been delayed until end of February per Garmin.

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