Fenix 6 first pictures

Thanks to reader Buddy for these images of the upcoming Fenix 6. As you can see everything looks pretty much as expected (an updated 5!). I would expect this to share all of the features of the Forerunner 945.

Sorry all, I’ve removed the images. This was at the request of the reader who sent them, not due to a Garmin takedown notice (which I’d have ignored!). Apologies to that reader for taking so long to spot the email, I don’t really monitor that inbox so it took a couple of weeks to see the mail.

We know the device is real and on the way in under two weeks so no harm in dropping them now.


  1. Thanks for photos, lusty!!!
    I’ll be disappointed if F6 will be just budget MARQ/F495 in metal. Hopefully Garmin will add some spicy features 👌🏼

    • There isn’t a huge amount to add to these now. There will be more storage (32 or 64GB), possibly worldwide mapping, the latest Firstbeat metrics. Someone suggested the full name is “Fenix 6X Pro Solar” so there’s certainly questions there to be answered. There is clearly a new strap in the pic with stripes – Garmin always redesign the basic strap on a new model. It’ll use the new Sony chipset too.

      I’d quite like to see some more traditional navigation functions return. The long term hike mode on the Marq will be a great addition, but more (aka simpler!) support for waypoints and routes like the older Fenix 2 would be nice. I have the Fenix 5 plus and honestly it’s the best watch I’ve had with almost no complaints (Spotify stability aside). I’m starting to struggle with what I’d like to see added. Wider Garmin pay adoption with banks would be cool. Improved and simplified interface is my only real wish, and that could be done on the whole range. Garmin have features but they don’t integrate them well. Polar are better here – as DCRainmaker said on the podcast this week he used the sleep feature on Polar just because it’s on the watch face. On Garmin it’s all elsewhere so you need to actively choose to use it.

      • TL;DR – LTE for at least tracking will have to be there for me to buy a new one, all the new firstbeat stuff on top of LTE will make me write a blank check.

        Really, the only things I really want/need in a new fenix past my 5plus is bring in all the new firstbeat stuff that the 945 and my edge 830 have. I also want LTE. I know its a hit to battery life, but I only want it so I can send location tracking (like strava beacon or similar to the underwhelming garmin livetrack). I would spend what my wife says is an “irresponsible amount” of money on a garmin 5plus that includes an esim so I can do the live tracking when I dont have my phone.

        The LTE would also help boost up the incident detection features garmin has now. I worry that if I get in a bad bike accident my phone could also break. We just had a guy in our tri club get hit on a sunday afternoon by a tow truck and while he sat on the side of the road, no cars even stopped to see if he was ok or needed help while he sat there bleeding.

        • Yes I guess LTE would be nice, but no doubt that’ll add yet another subscription so doubt I’d use it unless it could use my existing contract and data allowance.

          The Firstbeat thing drives me crazy, Garmin need to just fully licence for the life of the device and release updates for let’s say 5 years from release date. If they had any competition at all this kind of thing would kill them. Sadly there is no competition for the Fenix out there, and nothing likely to come along any time soon.

      • Bah, theres plenty to add. I want all of the firstbeat metrics, ECG, LTE, InReach and sleep coaching 🙂

        • InReach would use too much battery on a watch and be clunky due to the HUGE antenna required to send signals. Firstbeat needs to just default to latest features, drip feeding these metrics for differentiation is going to lose more customers than it gains. Sleep tracking doesn’t work so why would you let it coach you? ECG is a gimmick from Apple but I can certainly see it being added at some point, even if initially done using the existing ECG HR straps.

        • Ask and you shall receive: https://the5krunner.com/2019/08/21/garmin-fenix-6-specifications/
          ie you do get the FB stuff and i’ve added bit more detail in that post as to exactly what the FB stuff does

          I’m not sure about the rest of your requirements yet ;-). I have some info but no corroboration.

  2. I see a larger screen, if dimensions are the same as the F5.

    And some 899 euros, if this cached (now 404) site has anything with reality to do:


  3. Pre-order posted on amazon

    Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, Features Mapping, Music, Grade-Adjusted Pace Monitoring and Pulse Ox Sensors, Black with Brown Leather Band https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W3Q3671/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_CPftDb9VQMVR0

  4. Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Solar, Premium Multisport GPS Watch with Solar Charging, Features Mapping, Music, Grade-Adjusted Pace Monitoring and Pulse Ox Sensors, Titanium https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W69L48P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_wMmtDbFZB27P2

    Booooooooo, no lte. Wtf. I don’t think I’ll drop 1200 bucks just to get a few first eat metrics that should’ve been pushed to my 5plus. Failure.

    • You can find all of the watches on amazon by searching

      ‘Garmin fenix 6 -5 -5x’

      You can find the 6s pro, but I don’t see what the difference is between the non. Looks like it’s the new firstbeat stuff and a new pacing algorithm.

      • Do someone have screenshots of those Amazon fenix 6 offers?

    • The realise of the new fenix 6 series must be near, but if there is practicly nothing new just cosmetics i will buy fenix 5plus and that is it.

      What about Suunto, will they realise new watch(to replace Suunto 9) this year or no?

      • Do someone have screenshots of those Amazon fenix 6 offers?

    • These have all been taken down since last night, hoping that means they’re real

  5. 29 Aug was the date on the amazon F6 listing
    Suunto SPARTAN Sport is the one that needs to be replaced next. (ie S7 or S7 Sport)

  6. What about the Vivoactive 4 ?!

  7. I have the 5+ and it’s fantastic. I will look at the 6 but I don’t know what they can add to it to get me to upgrade right now. Solar power would be nice but how much does it really help?

    LTE would be nice to have though I don’t know if I would use it. The 5+ is really quite a watch.

    • Michael,

      You say your 5+ is fantastic.
      How is gps accuracy and battery life?
      Honest respons please 🙂

      • GPS accuracy and battery are both great on the 5+. That was not the case on the 5, which had poor GPS and sensor drop outs. I’ve had no issues with the 5+ other than the spotify app hanging every now and then which requires a restart of the watch to fix.

  8. Looks a bit fake imho. Why isn’t the sensor aligned with the markings?

    • It’s a pre-prod device so will generally be a little bit shoddy that’s pretty normal.

      • Imagine a world where Garmin uses the clocking of their prototypes’ HR sensor to covertly fingerprint/track who’s watch ends up leaked to the media.


        • To be clear, I didn’t take those pictures and have no affiliation with Garmin. I will pretty much publish any plausible info I’m given though 🙂

    • The sensor is aligned with the markings. It’s showing the compass, which in this shot is ever so slightly rotated off the North heading.

      • I thought we were talking about the oHR sensor?

  9. Hopefully they fix the issue where the watch worn by darker skinned people automatically assumes it is not being worn and just stops tracking the heart rate and such. It is mostly a software rather than hardware problem given that it works great when tracking an activity and all metrics are great for that. However, when just worn during the day and not in active tracking mode, the heart rate sensor turns itself off and there goes all the tracking for anything else other than steps. I owned a fenix 5x plus and it was very disappointing to know it wasnt working as intended. Hope they fixed it or upgrade their heart rate sensor and not recycle old 2 year technology in a new bezel.

  10. is there a new golf watch anticipated? an upgrade to the s60?

    • Unfortunately I don’t track the golf watches but there certainly are a lot of new Garmin devices in the works according to the FCC website.

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