Fenix 5 Titanium

Well, not quite. It looks like there will be one though as the D2 Charlie aviation watch (based on a Fenix 5X) has a titanium option with titanium band. The band is not yet listed separately, but this at least gives hope that Fenix 5 Ti will be coming later this year or launched at CES since it’s unlikely a Fenix 6 will be appearing for a year or so. Interestingly they use a black DLC finish rather than natural titanium so perhaps the sapphire black will be getting a metal band after all.



  1. Garmin is teasing an upcoming watch that’s compatible with the S60 on their developer blog. Probably the Forerunner 645 is in that announcement, but there could be more for all I know.

    Unclear why they are flogging it now. It could be because the new watch(es) are getting close to release or could have more to do encouraging more developer activity on the S60.


    • Interesting. That’ll be the 245 and 645 then, although the platform is so close to Fenix that I just can’t see why it would make a difference!

      • The only thing I can think of is that the apps need to be updated for the touchscreen. Watch faces and data fields should work as-is.

  2. it’s September.
    it must be time to speculate about the next big Fenix development


    GALILEO + NFC … baby

    • Hi man, I’ve read all yours notice about the probably release on the new Garmin Fenix 5x plus in 2018. Now, that we are in the end of Decembre, are there new rumors that you can give us. Anyone of you has new rumors is welcome. Hi to all of you and the best wishes for Christmas. Vincenzo

  3. I am looking at Fenix 5 watch but am curious when will they release Fenix 6. Do you think it will be released this year or 2019?

    Please advise. Thanks!

    • There are rumours of a Fenix 5 Plus which would be available in January with minor updates such as Garmin Pay. It’s also likely we’ll see a Fenix 5 Titanium in January and possibly F5 with music. Fenix 6 would be the following year in theory.
      Either way I wouldn’t hold off on a Fenix 5 if you need a watch, it’s well supported and a great buy. The only features you would not get will be hardware related such as pay (needs NFC) and music (needs storage which only the 5X has). There may also be improvements in Ant+ hardware to fix the issues some people have seen – I’m not sure whether that was addressed with firmware.

  4. Would you recommend upgrading from a Fenix 3 HR now to a Fenix 5x or wait till the next release? Any idea on price development for the 5x in Germany? Thanks!

    • Personally (and I’m in the same situation) I’d wait until the end of October to see announcements. There will “definitely” be new Fenix in January, possibly the F5 plus, but this is likely to be new colours, Titanium options, addition of Garmin Pay so only minor updates. We may also see a music option by then but no hard and fast rumours. I’d say the Fenix 5x is a reasonably safe buy right now but in Germany you’re also end of season so why rush unless you get a good deal? (yes, new toys is why I’d rush too!)

      • Thanks for your reply. Actually I think i got a good deal (534€). So I wonder if the price will get anywhere close or better till early next year.
        I’m not really interested in NFC and Garmin Pay, Titanium will be too expensive.

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