Fenix 4 within the next month

A new Garmin FCC Filing showed up recently (sorry, I was running up a mountain in Wales so a little late to the party on this one!).

What we know from the filing…

  • The watch is round, like a Fenix 3
  • There is a Ti and Stainless version, like the Fenix 3
  • Confidentiality runs out in September
  • Model number is AO2614/A02614 (Fenix 3 is AO2557/A02557)

The Os in the model numbers are O on the FCC but seem to be 0 when Garmin refer to them. Weird.

My tech ninja mind translates this on your behalf to a new Fenix 4 next week. Garmin rarely wait long after FCC filings so I’d expect something in the next couple of weeks at least. We were certainly expecting a Forerunner 930XT about this time, but the popularity of the Fenix 3 and the pressure from Polar M600 and Suunto Spartan Ultra might have changed some timelines for announcements. Delivery might be a different kettle of fish – we weren’t expecting Fenix 4 until CES in January so I for one would expect a half arsed shipping schedule from Garmin if they do fully release it this year. Anyone remember trying to buy a 920XT for the first…well until the Fenix 3 was announced frankly. There weren’t many about!


  1. Why do you think it is not a 920xt replacement? If you search 920 in online-store (i.e. decathlon..)now you can purchase this watch with a big reprice reduction for “Fine Serie” (in italian, I think you can transalate “end of life”). Last month you could see this form Polar M400: about 2-3 weeks later Polar introduced M600….
    Not the same behavior for fenix 3.

    • The 920xt doesn’t sell like it used to. It is almost end of life and we are expecting a new one, but that new one would have to be square with the forerunner button layout to go in that series. This one is round faced which suggests a Fenix button layout as there would be nowhere for the two front buttons on a round watch.

    • I went to Best Buy last week to look at the Fenix 3. All they had was the display model and they had one left in the Best Buy district I could order in. I hope that mean they will be coming out with the Fenix 4 soon!

      • It’s unlikely since the Chronos was announced. A lot of us have changed our expectations to CES 2018 for the Fenix 4 now so the Fenix 3 seems a relatively safe buy if a little late in its life. Although it’s old it does still represent the most full featured watch on the market and has some of the best hardware.

  2. What you call Fenix 4 is actually Fenix Chronos, right? I knew about this new garmin last week and the way you’ve described this Fenix 4 just seems the same as the new Fenix Chronos.

    • No, the Fenix 4 will be a different watch. This application certainly was the Chronos though so now that leaves us with CES 2017 as the Fenix 4 date or CES 2018. If it’s 2018 Garmin could probably improve sales by commenting here or elsewhere to give us all confidence in a long term future for the Chronos but I doubt they will.

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