Fenix 4 within the next month

A new Garmin FCC Filing showed up recently (sorry, I was running up a mountain in Wales so a little late to the party on this one!).

What we know from the filing…

  • The watch is round, like a Fenix 3
  • There is a Ti and Stainless version, like the Fenix 3
  • Confidentiality runs out in September
  • Model number is AO2614/A02614 (Fenix 3 is AO2557/A02557)

The Os in the model numbers are O on the FCC but seem to be 0 when Garmin refer to them. Weird.

My tech ninja mind translates this on your behalf to a new Fenix 4 next week. Garmin rarely wait long after FCC filings so I’d expect something in the next couple of weeks at least. We were certainly expecting a Forerunner 930XT about this time, but the popularity of the Fenix 3 and the pressure from Polar M600 and Suunto Spartan Ultra might have changed some timelines for announcements. Delivery might be a different kettle of fish – we weren’t expecting Fenix 4 until CES in January so I for one would expect a half arsed shipping schedule from Garmin if they do fully release it this year. Anyone remember trying to buy a 920XT for the first…well until the Fenix 3 was announced frankly. There weren’t many about!

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7 comments on “Fenix 4 within the next month
  1. circe says:

    Why do you think it is not a 920xt replacement? If you search 920 in online-store (i.e. decathlon..)now you can purchase this watch with a big reprice reduction for “Fine Serie” (in italian, I think you can transalate “end of life”). Last month you could see this form Polar M400: about 2-3 weeks later Polar introduced M600….
    Not the same behavior for fenix 3.

    • lusty says:

      The 920xt doesn’t sell like it used to. It is almost end of life and we are expecting a new one, but that new one would have to be square with the forerunner button layout to go in that series. This one is round faced which suggests a Fenix button layout as there would be nowhere for the two front buttons on a round watch.

    • Tony says:

      I went to Best Buy last week to look at the Fenix 3. All they had was the display model and they had one left in the Best Buy district I could order in. I hope that mean they will be coming out with the Fenix 4 soon!

      • lusty says:

        It’s unlikely since the Chronos was announced. A lot of us have changed our expectations to CES 2018 for the Fenix 4 now so the Fenix 3 seems a relatively safe buy if a little late in its life. Although it’s old it does still represent the most full featured watch on the market and has some of the best hardware.

  2. Mark says:

    What you call Fenix 4 is actually Fenix Chronos, right? I knew about this new garmin last week and the way you’ve described this Fenix 4 just seems the same as the new Fenix Chronos.

    • lusty says:

      No, the Fenix 4 will be a different watch. This application certainly was the Chronos though so now that leaves us with CES 2017 as the Fenix 4 date or CES 2018. If it’s 2018 Garmin could probably improve sales by commenting here or elsewhere to give us all confidence in a long term future for the Chronos but I doubt they will.

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