Edge 820 rumour video

We may be close to a new toy, or this may be a fake. No idea why anyone would put this much effort in for a fake so fingers crossed! Don’t see a card slot though…

link to video

The format is certainly what we’ve been expecting for an Edge 820. It’s roughly the size of the 520 by the look of it, but touchscreen. The Edge 520 has a similar screen size to the old Edge 810 which has a pretty big area around the screen.

What is interesting is that the interface has changed. This looks as though Garmin have actually designed for touch. While that may seem like an “about time” moment, it does make some sense. Of all the Edge devices, only the 1000 has “proper” touch using capacitive screen technology. The others use resistive which requires a press on the screen rather than modern touches and strokes like mobile phones have. The interface is shared between devices, so it made sense before to have a slightly utilitarian interface (think phones in the year 2000). Now that they are launching the Edge 820 and probably Edge 1010 shortly after there will be enough devices to justify a modern interface (i.e. post iPhone phones). I wouldn’t be shocked if they update the Edge 1000 with this interface, but I also wouldn’t expect it if an Edge 1010 will appear in 6 months.

From the limited evidence available, this looks like exactly what we all wanted from an Edge 820 device. I can only assume there is sufficient storage on board as I really can’t see a card slot. Let’s face it though, 8GB would be ample and these days doesn’t cost much for them to add internally. This would improve waterproofing since the USB port could easily be a waterproof one, with the flap there to keep mud out.

EDIT – Owen Gurwell (the user account on Garmin.com in the video) does indeed work for Garmin and according to LinkedIn he’s a videographer there so would be in a position to make this video.
Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 08.38.58


  1. 520 has v large price drop on amazon

  2. Where is a link to the video?

    • Sorry, I was working on my phone and didn’t put any text in the link. It’s there now.

  3. There were actually 3 Garmin Edge 820 videos originally on the Garmin Youtube site. The one that is linked here is an 820 version the 1000 explore. The other 2 were the the regular 820 model. They were only on the Garmin site for about 55min and were taken down and even removed from my history page. I suspect they were released by mistake.

    • Thanks Chris, I wondered if that was the case but had no direct evidence.

  4. Did anybody get a screen capture of the 820 from the video before it was pulled?

    • Yes 5k runner did

    • If you need screenshots (or the complete movie just post a comment)
      I can only say it exists but for one reason or another it was pulled back for a little time.

      Todays news is a new Oregon 7xx device with Connect IQ!
      One of the nice features is a 3-inch sunlight readable touchscreen display with dual orientation capabilities.

      As it supports Connect IQ with the new version it could support and log! other ANT+ devices turning this device into a multi-purpose device

      • The Oregon went on FCC a few days ago. Appologies if you guys are interested in those devices, I decided not to post that one 🙂

  5. Until recent when doing multi sport the Garmin GPS devices would be of less interest. However now more and more devices get Connect IQ they could be used for multi sport activities.
    For people just using some of the basic Garmin Edge functions (speed/HR/map) this unit could be an alternative.
    Another point to watch is the technology used in this product which could come to the other Garmin sports products.
    One is the already mentioned 3-inch display.
    Second is the dual GPS and GLONASS satellite reception, until now it was unclear how they did the reception internally (valid for all garmin products). With this statement they make clear they have 2 complete reception signals all the way down (not 2 multiplexed signals or something else). When this would be added to the openwater swim modes of the forerunner series it may/could give a huge increase in accuracy.
    Third is that however the exterior of an Oregon and an Edge are totally different the internals could be closer than one would ever think of.

  6. Not sure when this changed, but Garmin site no longer has the option to add the Edge 810 to cart

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