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Someone called Thomas posted two very long comments using an anonymous email and I’m afraid I can’t publish those comments as it simply opens up the site to too much spam and faff. Thomas, if you post again with your real address I’ll happily change the address and approve them, but I won’t approve anon comments.

Sorry folks, I just don’t have the time to fight spam one message at a time!


  1. Lezyne GPS computers for cycling – will you start tracking rumors for these? Great competitor to Garmin, really beating them on price. Thanks. PS – I’m just a consumer thinking about buying a GPS, not connected in any way to Lezyne.

    • I do plan to add a few others but have not had time recently to research those other company product lines. It’s definitely on my list though…

  2. Is there a way to subscribe to this blog? I would like to notified when a new post comes out. Especially the monthly round up posts. Thank you for the site. Great information.

    • Hmmm apparently not! I’ll try to work out how to add this in. I assumed it would be there by default so never thought to look!

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