Not Closing the site

Thanks to my readers I have now removed the stupid new editor in WordPress. I’d still like to say a big “screw you” to the team who created that steaming pile of shite but I may keep on trucking with the blog for now since I have the good old editor back. If you work in software, always remember that change is not the same as progress and your work may have consequences for people.


I’ve decided to stop posting on the site. As you’ll have noticed, updates are coming slower and slower. Although some of this has been due to my being busy, the reality is that WordPress changed the editor I use to write posts. The new editor has been out for a while now and frankly makes me feel like smashing my laptop. It takes me SO much time to write and edit a post now that it’s just not worth my time. In trying to write this months BIG Garmin update I’ve just completely lost interest. When posting links it now automatically screws about and gets external content. I don’t want this. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to paste text in without this happening unless I’m editing in code mode. I’m fine with writing HTML manually, but they’ve made it so cumbersom to switch modes that I no longer bother.

Auto-save doesn’t actually autosave consistently, meaning I lost the garmin post 3 times due to use of the backspace key. Pressing backspace should not undo all of my changes, and the only reason I pressed that key is because of the automatic link behaviour above.

Adding categories to posts is effectively hidden, meaning most posts have gone out without proper tagging since the update. This means that EVERY SINGLE TIME I then have to go back and fix things.

I’ve really enjoyed the engagement with everyone over the last few years, and appreciate the huge number of enthusiastic visitors to the site. Thanks to all of you (unless you work on WordPress, in that case, screw you!).

Screw you WordPress. You killed my blog. Software shouldn’t fight users.


  1. You do great work, and your site is on my list to check daily for an update.
    Would hate to see it abandoned by something as stupid as a website editor.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Keep going Lusty! Love the blog!

  3. You can install WP addon and switch to old Post Editor 🙂 I did that on my website

  4. Install the classic editor plugin. Did that on my wordpress site and back to the good (old) editor again.

    • Thanks, a few people told me about this so I did it and am working again.

  5. Keep going. Lusty for president!

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