CES 2017

OK folks, CES announcements start tomorrow. We’re expecting several announcements, including the much anticipated Fenix 4/Fenix 5 – The Fenix 3 was permanently discounted recently so this one would seem very likely indeed. Suunto will hopefully reveal the Spartan Trainer (and hopefully finish the Spartan Ultra, no rush Suunto!!). Polar should announce something to replace the v800 but rumour has it they won’t be ready for a few months. I’d still like to see them announce though, just so we know where to stand in terms of plans for devices this summer.
For bikes, I would expect a new Edge 1000 (Edge 1010 probably, or Edge 1020 to match the Edge 520 and Edge 820). This is overdue and the current device looks dated compared to the newer siblings so anyone wanting a larger screen has to either invest in an older device at the end of its lifecycle, or wait and hope. Polar may announce a replacement for the v650 too, but I won’t hold my breath there – they don’t seem to have really embraced the off-wrist device category.

I’m also hoping to see some more truly competetive stuff from other companies. Bike computers especially are starting to heat up with new entrants to the market and a customer base itching to get out from the Garmin fingers crossed style of firmware updates. On the wrist, there is already plenty of choice from the likes of TomTom, Apple, Samsung and others but for sports nobody currenty competes with Fenix 3 as an overall package. It has just enough smart watch and oodles of sport. The competition is doing less well because they have oodles of (pointless?) smartwatch and just enough sport. Time will tell. Long term I think Apple and Samsung will take the industry and destroy everything we love about current gen sport watches – they did it with phones and any early 2000’s phone power user will tell you there’s a whole lot still missing from current gen smartphones. Call quality for one!

So, use the comment section below to say what you’d like to see, or are expecting to see this year at the worlds biggest gadget-fest. Needless to say this site won’t be reporting – once they get announced they are no longer rumours! DCRainmaker.com is in attendance and usually offers a good skeptical view of what gets announced. There will also be a thousand sites out there which copy and paste marketing blurb. We call those “clickbait” 🙂

p.s. appologies for the mess of a site/menu at the moment as I try to bend this CMs to my will. I know what I want and am starting to think coding my own CMS may be the best option!


  1. I currently own a first gen Apple Watch, and at this point I disagree with your perspective of future sport wearable. Apple series two just changed minimum needs to a smart watch, but lacks some points, in my opinion of course,
    Battery life is painful, using as sport track, gps on, achieves even worst result, as one may presume. Being water proof only now basic stuff and shouldn’t be announced proudly. So, go on…
    I’m moving to Garmin for obvious reasons, even as a tech fan and Apple consumer since 2009, at this “market” they missed hardly. An watch, hi-tech or not, is not an item you think buying yearly. Regardless watches collection guys, I think most people hope to use yours at a plenty ways, outfits and places. So, if Garmin and others can make it to the right point, they may survive and prosper.

    • I agree it would be nice if that happens but I fear the worse devices will win and the good technology will lose. Happens in lots of markets, look how poor quality streaming has killed off the high quality stereo system as a great example. The masses don’t want quality they want quantity.

  2. Polar actually have confirmed something is coming in CES ontheir facebook page!

    • can’t find this?

      • Can’t find any relevant information myself but Polar did show something new at a “tradeshow” begin november.
        Couldn’t remember the Finnish name (what a language!) but there is definitely a Polar product floating around.

      • There it is: https://www.facebook.com/PolarGlobal/posts/10154459881939915

        Not much, but a comfirmation atlest

        • Nice find 🙂

  3. Hoping for the 1010. Need to upgrade my 800 but I do want the bigger screen so the 820 is a no-go right now for me.

    • This is exactly where I am right now. 820 is definitely a step down from 810 for me!

    • i ended up getting an 820…I was conceredn about htat. turned out to be ok in that respect (not in many other respects!!)

    • I don’t expect any bike related products at CES2017. Special not the highend, maybe some general “cheap/medium” products but nothing else.
      The only real Garmin info i found where the Hires images of the Fenix 5 series a few days ago. Most are the same as earlier only the resolution is higher.

  4. We must see that for data of any kind, music, movies and so on any kind of midia have too much cons and were useless as data transfer becomes faster and easier. In few year there will be no more midia or storage devices beyond some system must have, as we see in Macs and other devices that stopped growing memory, despite the fact that solid state memory has become cheaper. Internet data clouds and fast transfer is the way. In a short term, hi-mega-full quality data is going to be available and devices will accomplish the job play with.
    Although, certain “nest” could survive and offer focused services and products, such as Garmin is doing with “sport wearables”. They may be more expensive, but achieve some people that, like me, will not be happy with a “fashioned all-in-one bad device” just by it’s logo.
    Again, I have been under apple stuff for almost a decade, but as any other thing in the known universe, it have a start and an end. For me, the apple company is starting they way down, it may take several years to vanish the glow around the logo, but for those who sawn the rise, things have changed.
    Then, its the gate some others need to past through and late ahead take it “place at the sunlight”.

    Sorry for any lenguage mistake by the way.

    Have a great 2017!

  5. Some Darwin theory’s may apply to the market anyway.

  6. Am hoping that whatever multisports watch garmin bring out, they produce one suitable for small wrists!!!! I tried the Suunto, and due to weight and size, it damaged my wrist…. Now using garmin 920xt but it’s still big…. Please bring sumthin smaller for us triathletes!!!!! Or better battery life!!!

    Hoping the new fenix might b smaller, but b a while before I cud afford one!

    • The Chronos is smaller, and the Forerunner 735XT is smaller. I don’t think we’ll see a significant reduction in size though due to battery life concerns. One strategy there would be running and swimming specific watches but for triathlon it would be a bit of a pain.

  7. I really hope for new watch from Polar. Hopefully it’s something like V800 “upgrade” with good battery life and color screen would be nice option too. But, no to touch screen…
    I just bought old M400 for temporary use, because dont want to spend money to V800 (if there is new watch coming..) If not, then have to buy that..

    • That’s what this site is aimed at – letting you know when there may be a new device just around the corner. I’m hoping these companies eventually take notice and become a little more transparent so their customers are less scared about buying new devices. Especially at Xmas with CES a week later!

      • transparency – some companies cultures are distinctly opposed to this.
        even so, with a 2 year product cycle it makes transparency harder.

    • I´ve a m400 too, its a nice watch but like you i want more battery and a barometric alt.
      If they dont announce a v800 successor, i´ll buy a v800…

  8. Hmm…. I currently have a Fenix 3 HR and i am very happy. But, i must admit that the Apple watch Series 2 looks good….
    One point i think is very important is where we store our data. I like Garmin Connect and we all use in our running club. So if we all can buy different devices depending on looks and needs, and get data into Garmin Connect, then i would be happy. They (Garmin) could maybe charge others that dont have a Garmin device.
    No matter what – i will buy the new Fenix 4/5.

    • That’s where Strava and (in your case) TrainingPeaks come in. If it’s a platform for analytics you’d probably find Polar better than Connect too, but for device freedom TrainingPeaks is probably the one for the club if you’re using data. Strava is definitely the social one though, and here Garmin not only can’t compete, they’ve pretty much given up trying to!

      • Can you specify the last part, about Garmin giving up on strava?

        • They’ve started integrating rather than fighting. Initially they were trying to replicate Strava in Connect but they seem to have accepted that a third party ecosystem won’t harm them if they work together. Garmin make money on the device so they have no real need to be the platform too, and they weren’t as good in that area anyway.

    • “where we store our data” – ultimately it will be apple’s or google’s storage system. garmin connect will be a multi-year stop-gap
      there will be functionally -specific apps that link into that


      • Apple fit data is simply unreachable to any kind of third party platform. They are so fused into own environment that can’t see partnerships as ways to grow up and gather users.
        Unfortunately Apple has only worked by them selves, and reached poor results trying to embrace all -superficial- faces that user take.
        The real dream for any one would be:
        -Apple – device (cell) and OS
        -Google – information
        -Garmin – wearable
        -Strava – fitness environment

        Then we would be happy and enjoy what they use the masters at.

    • Check out the RunGap App for easy data transfers from multiple services.

  9. Polar just introduced the Polar Team Pro Shirt.

    • there will be no more garmin at ces methinks

    • depressing. no v800.next. (maybe)

      • New function for v800 this January. I doubt the v800.next will come out before October. You have to pay the agreement with gopro.

  10. In Garmin’s latest device repair list there are mentioned:
    Repair of Forerunner 635
    Repair of Forerunner 935

  11. those devices have been on other lists for quite some time.

    as was the Fenix 4s HR (yes four) maybe that was the chronos?

    what is url for the repair list pls

      • Thanks for that Traxzero, can you answer one question?
        Is this list updated often like once a month?
        It is a recent list, but i’m missing some very important released and unreleased items.

        • The person i got the file from said they usually get a new file once or twice a year.

          • Thanks again Traxzero.
            I made an post on my site about the FR935/FR635 and used some of your information to verify a few little open ends i had.

  12. very interesting….. 635 and 935 (not XT …uhm …)

    • For the reference: the Forerunner 635 and 935 where never named XT.

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