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Well this is a little interesting. Suunto are asking for feedback on Facebook (quoted below). The interesting part is that if you remove the line about diving we could almost be talking about an Ambit 4 which would feature a

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New watch coming!

Ok so I have no direct proof, but DCRainmaker tweeted this weekend that someone on his flight was wearing an unreleased and unannounced sports watch. He also implied that he has one for testing in a reply to comments. I

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Suunto Epix

Recommendation: Don’t wait, this is pure speculation Expected Might never happen. History Product Announced Available No history Features Possible Huge colour screen Powerful platform full detailed mapping Unlikely Opinion OK bear with me, I promise I’m not insane. Manufacturers often

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Suunto Ambit 4

Recommendation: Spartan Ultra will replace the Ambit Line Expected Never – Spartan Ultra replaces this. History Product Announced Available Ambit JAN 18, 2012 APR 2012 Ambit 2 APR 29, 2013 MAY 2013 Ambit 2R JAN 28, 2014 MAR 2014 Ambit

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