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Introduction Now see the Vantage version of this post! In this post we’ll follow on from part three where I discussed how Garmin does it, part two where I looked at Suunto and part one where I discussed the whole background of structured training. This time we’re looking at the Polar platform. As mentioned previously… Read Article →

This month we’ve seen a lot of updates from Polar. Rumors of the Vantage V and M have proven correct and you can now pre-order the watch for delivery sometime in November. Polar Update Polar Watches Polar Bike Computers Polar Update Polar have announced a reasonable update to their line-up and one which I expect… Read Article →

OK so it’s actually been a little over 4 years, but let’s not allow that to spoil some sensationalism. The V800 launched May 2014 and the Vantage V will be available in November 2018. This is being heralded as a huge failure by everyone. Let’s put that in perspective though, reviewers survive through a constant… Read Article →

Nightmare. NIGHTMARE. Computers, in case you hadn’t noticed, are capable of a great many things. They automate so that we don’t need to do things ourselves. Like little servants, they are supposed to do what we need them to, in the way we would like them to. Watches are little computers… So, why am I… Read Article →

Finally Polar are set to launch today. TFK will have info at 12:00 BST at so please check out that link as I’m sure it’ll be comprehensive. I’d assume will also cover this with a detailed review but as ever Ray doesn’t give hints. In other news, Suunto have released “new” models. I’m… Read Article →

Bit of an update, Polar have the #polarstaytuned tag on Twitter now, but also one post was #staytunedforkona. As such, the launch might not be the marathon as previously mentioned. It’s also possible that the M will launch at the marathon and the V at Kona. That would be weird and pointless, but Polar have… Read Article →

Thanks to Pierre for the information here, it sparked off a LOT of comments! These pics are screenshots taken with my phone yesterday as I wasn’t near a computer at the time. I have to say, Polar have done a really great job here looking at the pictures. If these watches work well I may… Read Article →

This month we’ve not seen a lot of updates from Polar. Rumors of the Vantage V and M have exploded around the web, along with more details and a potential release date. Some sites are suggesting these rumours are wrong though, so I guess we’ll see in a month or so. Polar Update Polar Watches… Read Article →

*UPDATE* – it looks like Polar have registered so this will likely be the teaser site like we saw with previously. For early information and teasers, check there regularly. Note that Polar are in Finland so updates are likely to be timed accordingly. That said, they do use agencies for these teaser sites… Read Article →

I’ve split these updates down as it was getting unweildy and I think there is some more value I can add given some space. Feedback on the new formats welcome. Also, this way Garmin isn’t at the top all the time so it’s a little more fair to the others. In case nobody noticed the… Read Article →

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