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I know, it’s been a while. There is loads of news around Garmin this month, the short version is DON’T BUY ANY GARMIN STUFF UNTIL SEPTEMBER. There are a lot of new devices coming along so only buy if you get a good deal or are happy with stable, older stuff. We’re likely to see… Read Article →

Thanks to reader Buddy for these images of the upcoming Fenix 6. As you can see everything looks pretty much as expected (an updated 5!). I would expect this to share all of the features of the Forerunner 945. Sorry all, I’ve removed the images. This was at the request of the reader who sent… Read Article →

Something has appeared at which looks like a bluetooth versioon of the RD Pod, Garmin’s running dynamics pod. This new gadget certainly has BTLE from the description, but it appears to also have a button. I guess this could be to start/stop recording if the device has memory like the recent bike sensors. Garmin… Read Article →

For those that have not noticed, I work for a large technology company. As a part of my role I need to demo various things, including Internet of Things things. Since I didn’t have any “things” to hand, I needed to either buy or create one. As anyone in the IoT space will tell you,… Read Article →

There is loads of news around Garmin this month. They have released the Edge 830 and Edge 530 earlier than expected, likely due to the devices being similar to the Edge 1030. Lots of new goodies in them though. Also some new sensors with dual BTLE and Ant+ which suggests GArmin will do this to… Read Article →

I promise I’ll update the monthlies this weekend! I’m currently on hols again relaxing in Lanzarote. Well, not relaxing so much as putting in hours of pool time, miles of cycling and a little bit of running. A couple of times I had a whole Olympic pool to myself too. Not just a lane, a… Read Article →

Yes, you read that right, I said Fenix 6. I know, I know. Everyone else is talking about the Marq, but we did that months ago. So, that Fenix 6. I think today confirms a few things for me which I’ve speculated on previously. Firstly is that Fenix 6 will launch in January 2020 approximately… Read Article →

So I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet on this one. It appeared some time last week. I was busy travelling with work and wanted time to think so I pretended it wasn’t there. I’m still not sure what it’s going to be. There’s very little in the description on this one to go on. It has a… Read Article →

There are a few bits of news around Garmin this month, They have finally released a dual Ant+ BTLE heart rate strap as mentioned on this site previously. It’s the basic one so don’t get too excited, but expect to see run and tri versions soon. As we also predicted there’s a watch with LTE… Read Article →

Looks like Garmin will release some new toys for us at CES this year. Firstly, thew watch we knew about previously has a name. It’s the…Vivoactive 3 Music. It does now have Verizon connectitity though (so I assume USA only for now). Manual available at Next, it looks like we also have a new… Read Article →

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