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No new devices from Suunto right now but they have announced an API for third party integration. I signed up to this but have received literally no communications back so I’m not 100% sure the API actually exists. It’s a good direction though so hopefully we’ll see them actually launch and open the API soon…. Read Article →

The Rival may now be getting closer. Thanks to reader Greg who posted a link to the manual at Wahoo Update Wahoo Watches Wahoo Bike Computers Wahoo Update Nothing on the FCC Site this month. No real updates on Wahoo this month from around the web. The new Kickrs have been having…issues. I spoke… Read Article →

The Vantage has now been shipping for a while. We’ve had the first round of firmware updates and it looks like the next is not far off and will arrive this month. DCRainmaker said he’s testing the beta right now and it’s looking like the expected features are present and working. Polar Update Polar Watches… Read Article →

Looks like Garmin will release some new toys for us at CES this year. Firstly, thew watch we knew about previously has a name. It’s the…Vivoactive 3 Music. It does now have Verizon connectitity though (so I assume USA only for now). Manual available at Next, it looks like we also have a new… Read Article →

I bet you didn’t think you’d see a post about Ant+ vs Bluetooth going into 2019! But nevertheless here we are. This is a topic that bugs me any time I see it in a forum or comment section. On the one hand you have supporters of Ant+ who have been quietly using sensors for… Read Article →

Just kidding, that’s lawyer bait. The title I was gonna go with is “Reflecting on 2018” but sometimes you have to draw attention to things. All now resolved and hopefully Peloton have worked out how the Internet works, and for that matter how language works. By the way, I’m trademarking the words “Infringing” and “infringed”… Read Article →

Nothing that warrants a full post at the moment, although I do have a few in the works coming soon. The recent Polar firmware seems to be an improvement. The intervals function is weird to use but I guess that’s just an interface decision I don’t agree with. Others may like setting up their intervals… Read Article →

Polar have released the December update for the Vantage watches (both get the update). I’ve yet to test it, but I have installed it without problems over Bluetooth from the app. Are you listening Suunto? Wireless without a PC, app or cable; like magic! Nothing like the 1990’s Spartan experience at all. It did take…many… Read Article →

  Somewhere out there, there are some gods laughing. I publicly admitted to trusting my Garmin and within days there’s a problem. Now, I’m not going to be too harsh on Garmin here. I have been in the past when they’ve neglected to test obvious stuff and then a failure occurs. This failure seems to… Read Article →

Today I was going to post a response about hardware integration to the recent comments on the site. I was going to explain how hard it is to integrate hardware as complex as LTE into a platform. Oh well, maƱana as they say here (that’s Spanish for dreckly for those from more civilised parts). Instead… Read Article →

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