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Just a very quick note about comments. You need to use a real email address. I’m not collecting your data, I’ll never mail you unless it’s a question/response to your comment and I want to speak directly to you, I’m

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Dropping the ball

OK, so I messed up in predicting that Garmin would push out the Edge 1030 ahead of Eurobike. They didn’t. It is now here though, so we’ll move on and start raving about the new Polar at Kona… I would

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Garmin 1030 video

well this won’t stay up long but… thanks to Pinin for posting 🙂

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Polar info?

Do any of you have anything on the new Polar v800 replacement? Polar are very tight lipped but I’d have expected something by now, we still don’t even seem to know the product name aside from guessing v830! Post a

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Please stop telling people about this site, it’s getting too busy! Just kidding, thanks for the vote of confidence everyone, eventually I’ll sort out the terrible look and feel of the site. I should have some time soon to get

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Vivoactive 3

Wareable have leaked pictures of what they claim is the Vivoactive 3. Thanks to Don van D for bringing this to my attention (via the5krunner). Screenshot and link below. To me this looks like a mockup rather than a photo,

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Monthly Roundup – August 2017

Now a regular feature, here’s the round-up of recommendations so everything is in one place, and so we have a nice record of speculations updated for August2017… So this month we’ll be getting at least one new Garmin hopefully (Edge

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Fenix 5 Titanium

Well, not quite. It looks like there will be one though as the D2 Charlie aviation watch (based on a Fenix 5X) has a titanium option with titanium band. The band is not yet listed separately, but this at least

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Garmin Edge 1030 soon

Thanks to AndersBech for the tip on this one. Pictures are starting to leak as expected for the upcoming Garmin Edge 1030 and Vector 3 pedals. With Eurobike weeks away it’s likely these will drop any time. Garmin seems to

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Polar OH1

Polar will soon be releasing an optical HR band called the OH1. Hopefully this will align with the v800 replacement (v830?). This is a 6LED sensor in an arm band which will be an alternative for those who don’t like

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