All aboard the fail train

I’m going to leave the below on the site. While on my flight I eventually found the workout menu and it does have ad hoc workouts. The fact that it took me several hours to find though? Still a fail. I even consulted the manual before my rant and it didn’t really help as it missed a few steps.



OK, so we know I’m writing a post about structured workouts. I’m at the airport right now with a…let’s call it a laptop…and a mobile phone. I’ve sent a workout to my Fenix 5, and I’ve tried turning it off and on again. The sync succeeds when I send the workout, yet there is no longer a workout menu on the watch to actually start said activity. I’m in the pub drinking wine so wasn’t going for a run anyway – my flight is delayed by 2 hours so it’ll be a casual stroll to the gate anyway.

So peeps, how do you want me to proceed? My instinct is that features that don’t work when you need them (writing a post is a kind of need…) don’t exist. I also strongly believe that wiping all of my settings to make something work should be considered Karma for the vendor. I can’t go for a structured workout in Italy because Fenix 5 right now doesn’t support it. Reliability is a thing, isn’t it? Comment below either way. Should I put effort in to defend their honour, or should I say screw them my watch isn’t working today and that’s what ultimately counts, right? or should we only work out when the heavens align and Garmin produce a working firmware?


  1. Aren’t we doing it to ourselves? Look at your recommendations. The bleeding edge semi working devices are preferred 😁 to the old ones that reached stability. We give absolutely no incentives to the vendors to focus on quality but lots of them to focus on not always working features. At least it seems so from reading the web.

    • To be fair those aren’t recommendations and never have been. It’s guidance based on expectation of devices being replaced. I always say on the older devices that they still do the job. In the case of something like my old Fenix 2 it’s sooooo sssllllooooowwww though so I’d go for newer because it’s genuinely better. With Garmin the colour screen added very little while Suunto made major leaps in usability with colour. The current posts I’m working on should help address functionality a little better.

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