I’m just a guy who likes buying gadgets. I decided to make this site to make it a little easier to determine whether now is a good time to buy a particular gadget. While in theory you should buy the watch you need right now that does what you need it to do, sometimes that bites you in the bum. Remember also that a watch that tracks your run today will track your run tomorrow just as well unless something drastic happens to it.
So, the purpose of the site. To the consumer it might help you to avoid that surprise feeling when you buy a watch today and next week it’s obsolete. We are all able to work out when a new product is expected from a manufacturer, this site just aims to put that in an easy format. Each post will contain a recommendation – if that recommendation is “Buy” then chances are there are no surprises in the near future. If that recommendation is something else it doesn’t mean don’t buy the gadget. It just means that there may be an announcement coming up you may want to wait for. It may also be that the device has already been superseded. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying a last gen watch if you get it at the right price and this site will highlight that there is a newer model so you can make an informed choice.
To the manufacturer, hopefully this will lead to less bad press, angry users, and general bad feeling when you release a new product and people just bought the old one. I’m not aiming to stop people buying your stuff. If manufacturers want to give me information about upcoming products please get in contact but bear in mind that I don’t do embargo’s or NDAs.

To keep the site honest, I don’t have any inside knowledge, no NDAs, no test units, no affiliation with any company or even the industry. I literally have nothing you don’t have as a reader so feel free to comment and suggest updates.

If a manufacturer wants to send me a free toy then go ahead – it won’t change the site content but it will definitely make me happy 🙂