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No new devices from Suunto right now but they have announced an API for third party integration. I signed up to this but have received literally no communications back so I’m not 100% sure the API actually exists. It’s a good direction though so hopefully we’ll see them actually launch and open the API soon…. Read Article →

There is loads of news around Garmin this month. They have released the Edge 830 and Edge 530 earlier than expected, likely due to the devices being similar to the Edge 1030. Lots of new goodies in them though. Also some new sensors with dual BTLE and Ant+ which suggests GArmin will do this to… Read Article →

Thanks to my readers I have now removed the stupid new editor in WordPress. I’d still like to say a big “screw you” to the team who created that steaming pile of shite but I may keep on trucking with the blog for now since I have the good old editor back. If you work… Read Article →

Nothing much to report in Polar land at the moment. We’re not really expecting much from them, although it’s possible they are working on a new bike computer as GPLama has been calling 2019 “the year of the head unit”. He’s obviously seen the Wahoo Roam while travelling and I guess it’s possible/plausible that his… Read Article →

A new Suunto is on the way in the form of the Suunto 5, an update to the Spartan Trainer series. I finally got access to the Suunto API so I guess they are catching up with applications there. IT’s pretty basic though, with only three functions right now. It’s a good direction though so… Read Article →

We all know the Roam is imminent, but some more details have just arrived (Thanks to Cedric for the tip!). I have some screenshots of a webshop, and some details translated. This is a Google translation…Wahoo ELEMNT RoamWahoo Elemnt Roam is the latest shot of the Wahoo tribe. It comes new with a 2.7 “color… Read Article →

Suunto will soon release the Suunto 5. This appears to be the next generation of the Suunto Spartan Trainer since it has the GPS “hump” at the bottom. Otherwise I’d expect it to run the same software as the 9, with features matched to hardware as in the trainer.

Wahoo look set to realease something at Sea Otter Classic next week. This will almost certainly include the ELEMNT ROAM, a new cycle computer supporting both Ant+ and BTLE along with Wifi. It might also include the long overdue Rival watch. Wahoo Update Wahoo Watches Wahoo Bike Computers Wahoo Update On the FCC Site this… Read Article →

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