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There are a few bits of news around Garmin this month, but nothing I’d consider major. They have registered a new trademark “Marq” which is listed as being a watch. The term Marq(ue) may suggest something high end. trademark link here. A subsequently removed forum post suggests that there will be an analog version as… Read Article →

This month we’ve seen a lot of updates from Polar. Rumors of the Vantage V and M have proven correct and you can now pre-order the watch for delivery sometime in November. Polar Update Polar Watches Polar Bike Computers Polar Update Polar have announced a reasonable update to their line-up and one which I expect… Read Article →

OK so it’s actually been a little over 4 years, but let’s not allow that to spoil some sensationalism. The V800 launched May 2014 and the Vantage V will be available in November 2018. This is being heralded as a huge failure by everyone. Let’s put that in perspective though, reviewers survive through a constant… Read Article →

Nightmare. NIGHTMARE. Computers, in case you hadn’t noticed, are capable of a great many things. They automate so that we don’t need to do things ourselves. Like little servants, they are supposed to do what we need them to, in the way we would like them to. Watches are little computers… So, why am I… Read Article →

I now have a watch from all of the “big three” manufacturers so will be testing some things out and hopefully adding some interesting new content soon. This one is looking more promising than the one I bought a couple of weeks ago in terms of functionality.

Finally Polar are set to launch today. TFK will have info at 12:00 BST at so please check out that link as I’m sure it’ll be comprehensive. I’d assume will also cover this with a detailed review but as ever Ray doesn’t give hints. In other news, Suunto have released “new” models. I’m… Read Article →

Bit of an update, Polar have the #polarstaytuned tag on Twitter now, but also one post was #staytunedforkona. As such, the launch might not be the marathon as previously mentioned. It’s also possible that the M will launch at the marathon and the V at Kona. That would be weird and pointless, but Polar have… Read Article →

Some great new info has arrived about the GPSMap66, which seems extremely popular based on my previous post so I thought I’d post it up here. I have to say if this is real I’ll be buying one soon after launch! Thanks to reader 184×184 for the tip. Google Translate produced the following from the… Read Article →

OK so I was a little bored today, and recovering from what can only be described as an accidental long ride yesterday where I did 15 miles more than expected due to routing errors on my Garmin caused by bugs in the user (I did silly, silly things). So I bought a new watch. I’ve… Read Article →

The Wahoo update doesn’t change at all this month, we’re still waiting on the Rival to appear and there is no other news.. Wahoo Update Wahoo Watches Wahoo Bike Computers Wahoo Update On the FCC Website we can now see the exterior of the Rival watch due for release this summer from Wahoo. I’ll be… Read Article →

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