Monthly Archives: May 2018

Sorry for the short post I don’t have access to a computer today. The FCC confidentiality period is now over and Wahoo Rival pics are available. Fingers crossed we’ll see some news today when the USA wakes up 🙂

Spring sales YAY! But…a warning you say? Yes, there is a reason these sales happen and it’s not to get you the latest tech at low low prices. Before you venture into the sale, check out the May Monthly Roundup to see whether that device you covet is about to be replaced with a newer… Read Article →

You’ll see a lot of this this month as the EU General Data Protection Regulation becomes law. I want to be really clear here though, I don’t need or want to monetise this site. I don’t knowingly display ads, unless you count recommending a device. I certainly don’t get any money or benefit from this… Read Article →

Here’s the round-up of recommendations so everything is in one place, and so we have a nice record of speculations updated for April 2018 Exciting things this month are the imminent arrival of a Wahoo GPS watch and a new Garmin Edge 130 low end bike computer. Check this post through the month as more… Read Article →

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