Monthly Archives: September 2017

These are due for release in October and we’ve not heard a peep from any rumour mill so here’s my thoughts on what we may see. Almost certain   Wrist HR in all models, removal of non-HR version(s) Watch based payment services (Garmin Pay) Group tracking Standard charge cable (like Fenix 5) BTLE Sensor support… Read Article →

There’s a new Garmin device in the works which “is a GPS receiver, media player and display unit”. The device (A03337) includes a mute button and has a round screen but I can’t work out what it might be. It has no internal battery so presumably for a car or boat? I can’t see anything… Read Article →

Now a regular feature, here’s the round-up of recommendations so everything is in one place, and so we have a nice record of speculations updated for September 2017… Sorry sorry sorry I’ve been very busy with a new job! hopefully everything is covered here, corrections in comments please as I didn’t spend long looking this… Read Article →

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