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There are a significant numer of you GPSrumors followers intersted in the Forerunner 245 (FR245). This is weird because the Forerunner 235 was born in October 2015. This means the FR245 will be at least October 2017 and realistically 2018 since it took a lot of thunder from FR225 early. There are very few hardware… Read Article →

Now a regular feature, here’s the round-up of recommendations so everything is in one place, and so we have a nice record of speculations updated for April 2017… Right, we now have a fair few of the expected devices in the bag. Still missing are Polar v-Series updates which are still expected this summer, and… Read Article →

Thanks to Toni for the link to Polar’s latest teaser. It seems we have an M460 inbound as well. This would be a cycling computer to replace the current M450. This is slightly odd in that the v800 and v650 came first originally, but I’m willing to bet the lower end devices have sold in… Read Article →

There is currently no FCC filing for this, but there does seem to be evidence that Polar will launch the M430 on Thursday. This is significant since the M400 and V800 both launched very close together, so this gives hope that the v830 is just around the corner. Yes, I said v830 with no evidence,… Read Article →

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