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DC Rainmaker even has an in depth review up. Yes, many words are shared with the Fenix 5 review. It’s basically the same watch 🙂 garmin-forerunner-935-depth-review

Appelmoessite has a scan of Triathlon magazine with an advert for the Forerunner 935. This lines up with our expected release this week. DCRainmaker very tactfully explains in his live webcast how embargos work and that sometimes it’s hard to line up print dates. In the case of magazines, adverts are placed months in advance… Read Article →

Note to self, check FCC before posting. The Forerunner 935 will indeed be a round device (silly Garmin, now we have no nice square screens!). This means that Appelmoessite probably does have real photos at elemnt-bolt-garmin-fr935-video after all. To me it looks identical to the FR235 so I’ve held off re-posting that particular rumour…. Read Article →

So, we all know this is WAY overdue. It must be coming soon. What’s taking so long though, all they need do is slim it down and pump the CPU a bit? Perhaps a camera will be added. It’s certainly trendy right now to add camera controls, and Garmin have the excelent Virb Ultra 30… Read Article →

Now a regular feature, here’s the round-up of recommendations so everything is in one place, and so we have a nice record of speculations updated for February 2017… OK, so I dropped the ball in January with this one, and February is late. I’m sorry! To be fair, with all the CES kerfuffle it was… Read Article →

SO I’ve been quite quiet on the subject of 935XT despite various rumours on the net (well at least). I’m not saying I don’t believe the rumour. I’m torn. It’s just that it looks exactly like the other available Garmin watches and nothing like a 920XT. Too easy to fake and too little evidence… Read Article →

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