Monthly Archives: October 2016

It’s looking ever more likely that a new high end watch will arrive soon from Polar. Although nothing is on FCC right now there are some hints. Firstly, it’s been way too long since v800 was released. It’s a great watch (finally) but was dated a few months after release when Garmin dropped the 920XT… Read Article →

OK, so this one is now officially “overdue”. The garmin-930xt was due in October this year based on a two year cycle. The burning question on everyone’s keyboard then is “should I get a 920XT for xmas?”. The answer, dear reader, has never been more complicated. With Fenix Chronos Garmin have muddied the waters in… Read Article →

OK a somewhat special post since a lot of you will be considering what to buy people (or yourselves) for Xmas* this year. This one is based around multisport and runners but a cycle one is coming. High end multisport At this end of the market we have various options. These are: Polar v800 –… Read Article →

OK, I don’t normally do this but tfk asked me to pass it on and I figured it’s a good deal for anyone who’s about to buy a power meter. Perhaps you’re starting to train indoors on a trainer or rollers, or just like more data…data is almost as good as cookies after all. Have… Read Article →

OK, I get asked this a lot at the moment. A really really lot. When will the Fenix 4 arrive?   Short answer, I don’t know. Longer answer, it’s kind of here now. The Fenix Chronos was launched recently. I say launched, it more accurately just kind of appeared with very little information or excitement…. Read Article →

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